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Express French diet for weight lossExpress French diet for weight loss is different from other diets is incredibly rapid weight loss, as well as quite unusual menu. The duration of the diet is 6 days. Extend course, do not make at least a three-day break, is not recommended. It is advisable to carry out Accelerated French diet every 2-3 weeks, it will lose 5-10 kg or if your weight is normal, to support him in this state.

During the diet recommended small exercise. They significantly accelerate the process of losing weight and will reduce your weight to the record results. A diet called the French because it is made up of products, the most revered in France as a source of good health and proper weight loss.
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Essential Oils and AromatherapyAromatic oils and aromatherapy. It is no secret that scent creates an atmosphere. Even the subtle scent of aromatic essential oils can awaken in you a sense of joy and nostalgia, create a holiday atmosphere, a sense of loneliness blow. In this article, we will focus on how using aromatic oils and aromatherapy set yourself up for a productive and creative work and how to use odors can affect your ability to work and creativity.

Since ancient times people fumigated premises herb, chasing away evil spirits, smells used in various rituals and love games. Unfortunately, the modern world has got used to the smell, as an attribute of related events. Today we react to spontaneous surrounding odors such as the smell of fast food on the street, or the scent of cologne at the people passing by.

In fact, the efficacy of aromatherapy underestimated. Do not neglect the opportunity to use the aromatic scents of essential oils for different purposes. Taste once and you will see that this tool is very effective.
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Cleansing the body of folk remediesCleansing the body of folk remedies. Have you ever feel that your body that something is wrong? It seems you do not get sick, but something is wrong. And as if the forces are not the ones and favorite food is not happy at work all got. Why is it all of a sudden you had fallen? The answer may be a few. Either this is the beginning of a disease, or stress, or your body signals that the body has accumulated too many toxins.

If so, it's time to cleanse the body. Why do we need cleansing? The fact is that we live for many years in poor environmental conditions, we eat convenience foods, breathing exhaust machines, and even themselves smoke and drink occasionally. Naturally, the body is unable to cope with such a load of ballast substances, and over time they begin to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels inside the joint capsules, kidney and gall bladder in the form of stones, and so on. D. Cleanse the body - then hold a series of procedures that will provoke movement toxins and remove them from the body.

Many chronic diseases can be the result of slagging. To get rid of them, need to be cleansed of toxins. Purification is achieved in stages. First you need to clean the intestines, liver and kidneys then, that is all the systems that are responsible for the removal of harmful substances from the body. In this article we want to talk about the most common (and simple) methods of cleaning the body, and in the following materials in more detail at each stage (cleaning the intestines, liver and kidney) of the organism .Ochischenie folk remedies After recovery - is not only good nutrition and physical exercises. And periodically get rid of parasites, toxins, toxins - all that for various reasons it is impossible to bring in a natural way.
Treatment of eye tearing folk remediesTreatment of eye tearing folk remedies. Tearing happens when the tear duct is closed by a lack of vitamin A, as well as when a person is cold. This eye badly scratched. Causes tearing of the eyes may be different: the inversion of the lower lacrimal points, their narrowing the wrong position, the inflammation of the tubules of the lacrimal sac, narrowing or imperforate lacrimal path.

To prevent tearing necessary to compensate for the deficiency of vitamin A, which is found in meat animals and birds, fish (fillets, roe and fish oils), dairy products, in the yolks of eggs, soy flour, apricots, tangerines, carrots, green onions, spinach , Shchavlev, tomatoes, peppers, green peas, lettuce, parsley and wild rose. Carrots need to rub and eat with sour cream or vegetable oil, while vitamin A is better absorbed.

Older people often tearing due to violation of the absorbability of tear fluid in the lacrimal pathways - because of the weakness of the muscles of the lower eyelid (atony) tears just do not have time to be absorbed. Often tearing aggravate sinusitis, polyps, rhinitis. Do not run chronic conjunctivitis: it is because of them going eversion of the lower lacrimal points and narrowing of tubules. Alternative medicine has prepared for you the simple folk remedies treatment of tearing of the eyes, which will be discussed.
Vitamin B-17 kills cancerVitamin B-17 kills cancer. Only recently it became known official science that cancer arises for two reasons: the first reason - is a reaction to a lack of vitamin B17. The second reason - during a deficiency of vitamin B17 in the human body is very weakened immune systems. Considering the fact that modern man lives in constant stress, and stress is known to destroy the immune system, in addition, the immune system destroys the GMO and food chemistry, it is not difficult to guess where we have so many cancer patients. Many nations have learned to treat cancer without resorting to official medicine. At times, the possibility of surprising folk remedies.

Vitamin B17 has been the subject of heated debate, and open war 20 years ago, when some of the world's leading scientists have declared that when people use 100 per cent guaranteed by the process of cancer development and in most cases vitamin kill existing cancer. Pharmaceutical companies immediately pounced on this statement and demanded the revision of the results of the analysis. Results of the study FDA (Administration of Food and Drug Administration) were manipulated - you can read about in the book Edward D. Griffin "World Without Cancer." ("World Without Cancer").

For example, in the early 20th century Russian healers treated easily and cancer and did not consider it a - is a special, serious illness. Only later, with the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, when the majority of traditional healers was shot, cancers were "incurable." From all the above, we can conclude that Russian folk healers know the nature of cancer and knew how to deal with it. The catalyst for the emergence of cancer is a fungus Candida Albicans, who lives in every human body and is the causative agent of candidiasis.

Therefore, in order to infect any human cancer, only two factors: the lack of vitamin B17 and a weakened immune system, which can not neutralize and reproduction of the fungus. Vitamin B17 is the highlight, inhibiting cancer in the body. If enough of this vitamin, even a weakened immune system to cope with the fungal disease. Now let's see in which fruits and vegetables contain vitamin B17. It turns out that it no tomatoes, no cucumbers or any other crop plants of our garden.
Cold feet - causes and how to deal with itCold feet - causes and how to deal with it. The cardiovascular system of men and women have the same structure, but it works differently. This is due not only to the primary and secondary sexual characteristics, but also the prevalence of various hormones: estrogen - women, androgen - male. Also, the nature of the blood flow affects the metabolic rate, amount of fat and muscle tissue.

These factors and lead to the fact that women are freezing more often than men. Most often suffer from cold feet exactly. What to do with this problem - you can tell exactly once installed will cause of freezing feet, and they have several. However, often it is still a problem with the vascular system.

Constant freezing feet are more concerned about women than men, and more often in the winter. Why get cold feet it? Because the legs the least muscle mass and subcutaneous adipose tissue, which helps to save heat. In addition, other women have hormonal composition and a different distribution of energy in the body, which is more than the maintenance of the functions of internal organs. This peripheral vessels and capillaries remain neglected.
What kind of sweets you can eat on a dietWhat sweets can be eaten in the diet. Many of us are very fond of sweets, and the main requirement of most diets is the rejection of the favorite sweets. Sweet in the diet is necessary. Every woman knows that the glucose needed for brain function, eat something sweet and the head of "works" better and appears vigor throughout the body. Well if you have the willpower, but what about those who can not be a day without sweets?

It turns out that there are useful sweets that you can not afford at the time of any diet, and that will not harm your figure and you may reduce cravings for sweets. Many of the best always keep on hand some of them than to break and eat a bunch of cakes or sweets. Consider every "useful sweets' alone.

In reality, a diet for weight loss does not always imply a complete renunciation of sweet. The only exceptions are cases where dietary restrictions are assigned for medical reasons - for the recovery of certain ailments. For those people for whom such not important, more important is another question: what sweets can be eaten in the diet. Meanwhile, the choice in such circumstances is much more than the experts are not able to imagine.
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Pumpkin diet for weight lossPumpkin diet for weight loss. Pumpkin - vegetable diet with very low calorie, and a sufficient amount of vitamins A, E, C, B, iron, zinc, calcium, pantothenic and folic acid. But most importantly, in the pumpkin flesh contains vitamin T (carnitine), which greatly speeds up the metabolism and helps burn fat and develop muscle mass. Since the use of pumpkin affects acceleration substances, the body more easily absorb and digest a heavy meal.

Consequently, the process of accumulation of harmful substances and fats do not occur, and problems with metabolism will not be exact. The second point that should be mentioned - a high content of fiber, which cleanses the body. Using pumpkin diet can lose 10 kilos in two weeks. That so many nutritionists recommend to sit on such a diet.
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