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Coronary heart disease: the top 6 juices to cleanse the blood vesselsThis disease is coronary heart disease, is caused by a decrease or cessation of delivery of blood to the heart.
A good preventive measure to normalize blood pressure and purification of the vessels in the initial stages of coronary artery disease may be the use of a variety of fruit and vegetable juice with honey, transfers Healthinfo.ua.
In normal kidney function, when well fluid is removed from the body may use a total of about 500 ml juice per day for several weeks.
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How to get rid of heartburn: 3 simple and effective means ofHeartburn - a phenomenon that causes discomfort and is found in 40% of the population on the planet.
To get rid of the disease, we suggest that you take advantage of proven folk remedies, which are more gentle on the body.
Traditional medicines can reduce gastric acidity, protect the gastric mucosa from irritation and reduce the harmful effects of acid to the esophagus.
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How to lower high blood pressure at home: 4 easy ways

Hypertension, or more simply, high blood pressure - one of the most frequently diagnosed diseases of the cardiovascular system.
As an independent disease hypertension is very rare. In most cases, the pathology is one of the complications of other serious diseases.
Hypertension is able to cause undesired operation of virtually all human body systems, but the most serious of all the complications of a hypertensive crisis. It is a complex condition that can trigger a heart attack or stroke development.
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Honey Pumpkin: a unique recipe balm for your liver
It is known that honey is one of the most powerful immune stimulating agents, struggling with all kinds of inflammations, bacteria and viruses, also it is recommended to take if gastrointestinal disease and many other ailments. And with all of the beneficial properties of pumpkins, their interaction with honey can produce a truly healing effect on our body.
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How to stop snoring: 13 working methods
Good to live alone - your snoring does not bother anyone. What to do if you have a favorite neighbor on the bed, who snores, or who can not sleep because of your snoring?
Snoring occurs when air passes through the narrowed or constricted nasal passages.
Reasons for your nose uttered terrible sounds somewhat - from the external environment to your individual features of the structure of the soft palate and throat.
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How to get rid of the pain in the eyes when working with computer: 5 Easy Ways
We all spend more time behind the computer monitor. And not just in the office but also at home. Still, the main burden falls on the eye is in the office during working hours.
So many familiar red eyes, eyelid edema, feeling of sand in the eyes, blurred vision tangible in the evening. Ophthalmologists call it asthenopia, the people - "eye fatigue". As well as "computer syndrome", and dry eye syndrome.
But would not call this problem if you do not try to solve or at least mitigate the factors that contribute to it, sooner or later, it can lead to vision loss.
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Chinese abdominal massage Tuyfu

Chinese tuyfu abdominal massage - this is one of the most effective Taoist practices. But the main purpose of all the Taoist practices: providing a long, healthy and fulfilling life.
Chinese medicine massage tuyfu secret weapon against pollution 3: dirty chi, dirty liquids and residues unhatched timely kala.Eti 3 pollution are causes of many diseases and premature aging.

Generally tuyfu literally translates as punching the abdomen.

In Russia, these methods are also used in all the villages izdrevle- grandmother was that "the right of the abdomen."

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Recipes of longevity of Tibetan monksImmortality ... Perhaps this dream of mankind in its history. Unfortunately, the legend of the eternally living Gorce and remains a legend - there is no evidence of a single case of such a long life, but that does not mean that our control time! We are able to prolong their lives to be a hundred or more years while remaining in good health and a clear mind. The unique recipe for longevity known Tibetan elders
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Tibetan cleansing breathMan practicing breathing, whether a beginner or already experienced in this, not always easy to enter into a state of meditation, because emotions and thoughts prevent this.
There could be many reasons - a difficult period in his life, unpleasant circumstances and so forth.
We offer methods that allow you to more easily prepare and configure itself for the upcoming effective meditation.
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