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Lower cholesterol naturally
Today, it found that about 80% of cholesterol, necessary for the optimal functioning of all body systems, synthesizes our liver. The rest of the fats we get from food. To prevent an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, you should balance your diet. There are a number of food products that help to significantly reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in blood. Dieting can solve this problem without resorting to expensive synthetic drugs.
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How to use lemon for beauty and healthApplication of lemon for health and beauty - a thing real and effective. Neutral lemon can work wonders! In this article you will find effective and easy recipes for improvement of health and beauty at home with the help of a lemon. Its juice, peel and pulp can be frozen and thawed to create a 100% natural cosmetics. Profitable, efficient, accessible - and all this without leaving your home!
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Folk remedies for acne - proven and effective

Acne is formed as a result of inflammation of the sebaceous glands. This phenomenon gives a person a lot of hassle. For the treatment of acne - it is a complex process that can last for a very long time. We have already mentioned how to get rid of acne using yogurt and oatmeal ?. Today will talk about the new no less effective recipe.

To get rid of the problem, not only requires a lot of time and patience. That is why many have resorted to means of alternative medicine. After all, they can prepare themselves. It should be noted that traditional remedies may be more effective in the treatment of acne. Of course, the procedure should be carried out regularly in order to get a positive result.
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How to improve vision at home?Probably not a man who would not complain to the deterioration of vision. And the reasons may be very different - this age, and malnutrition, eyestrain, all kinds of diseases and much more. Of course, at the first sign disorders should consult a doctor. But if for some reason you can not do this, you can try to deal with this problem with the help of folk remedies.
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How and what to clean the liver? Cleaning the liver simple food

How and what to clean the liver, we reflect, when that body starts to send alarm signals. Today's pace of life makes the entire body to work in emergency mode. Excessive load is exposed and our liver. Passes therethrough harmful foods containing coloring agents and preserving recorded thereon stresses and physical fatigue. As a result, due to overload the body can not cope with its main challenges.
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Cirrhosis - herbal therapyCirrhosis - herbal therapy. Cirrhosis - a chronic disease that results in a formation of multiple scarring in the liver. As a result, scarring disrupts the function of the body changes its appearance and structure. In cirrhosis, along with the replacement of slowly decaying liver cells with scar tissue and the regeneration occurs. However, the new cells are trapped by scar tissue and therefore can not perform its functions.

Usually observed deformation, wrinkling and seal liver. Such structural changes interfere with the normal blood supply of the liver. Impaired blood flow in the liver leads to stagnation in the vessels of the intestine along its entire length. The two main causes of liver cirrhosis are alcoholism and chronic hepatitis.
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Tea match - particularly useful properties, contraindications

If you're in search of something can give energy and strength, lift your mood and speed up metabolism, may tea match exactly what you need. Unlike its other family relatives of green teas, both on the different methods of cultivation and methods of handling and application.
In Japan, the game, along with Sencha is one of the most popular drinks. Ground into powder leaves of green tea is added to the various drinks, foods, desserts in cosmetics. The Japanese appreciate the variety of tea and think that it gives strength, improves the immune system and helps for longer stay young and healthy.
What is a match?
So called Tench leaves that were grown in the shade. These are the same tea leaves of which do and Sencha and gunpowder tea, only the last two varieties are grown in the sun.
That is, first all the tea leaves tencha call, and then, depending on the method of cultivation and processing they are converted to a variety of teas.
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