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The most essential vitamins for the skin

Beautiful skin of the face is not only the right care, basic nutrition and hydration of the epidermis does not receive from the outside, but from within. Therefore it is important to get all the food necessary vitamins and minerals that help maintain long youth and beauty of the skin.

If our diet contains enough vitamins, it is pointless to be smeared with expensive creams, as nothing more than caring for the skin as the power that comes from within.
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Streamers. Can I get rid of them?Stretching is one of the most frustrating skin problems, especially considering that it is facing almost every woman who was pregnant. Despite the fact that the funds for the fight against stretch marks on the skin abound, they are still very difficult to get rid of. Why is that? Which means really help?

In this article let's talk about the reasons for the appearance of stretch marks, but more about how to get rid of them, on any of the methods and means of stretching does not work and is not worth the money and time, as well as the procedures that show significant improvements.
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Snail cream - what it is, how and why to use. Feedback on cream with snail extract

From the article, you will learn the history of the emergence of snail slime extract as an ingredient in cosmetics, the benefits of snail creams and masks, as well as the story of my acquaintance and experience of using the cream with extract of snail mucin.

A few years ago, the market for cosmetics, there is another "miracle ingredient". It has been argued that it has antioxidant and regenerative properties and that is able to slow the aging process of the skin. Manufacturers have begun to advertise cosmetics containing extract of snail slime as a panacea from wrinkles, stretch marks, spots after acne, burns, acne and pigmentation.

Of course, the snail cosmetics are not a panacea, and the answer to all questions, however, it is really a lot of pluses and some beliefs are true.
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Increased immunity folk remediesIncreased immunity folk remedies - simple affordable way to improve your health without drugs. If your immune system is weakened by fatigue or illness, then it will help to improve the health of the recipes of traditional medicine. In this article you'll learn briefly: what is the immune system, for which it needs to improve how we lose and how to improve.
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Folk remedies for sore throat

What if locked in the throat? Of course, do not expect that will take place by itself. Folk remedies for sore throat are very effective. Recipes Health recommend using them at the first sign of the disease. Each person may feel a tickle in the throat - this can be a lot of variety of reasons, the most common of which is infection of the pharynx. But before we take up the treatment, you should understand that it depends on the cause. Therefore, to begin with we shall understand why there was a tickle in the throat.
Lower cholesterol naturally
Today, it found that about 80% of cholesterol, necessary for the optimal functioning of all body systems, synthesizes our liver. The rest of the fats we get from food. To prevent an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, you should balance your diet. There are a number of food products that help to significantly reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in blood. Dieting can solve this problem without resorting to expensive synthetic drugs.
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How to use lemon for beauty and healthApplication of lemon for health and beauty - a thing real and effective. Neutral lemon can work wonders! In this article you will find effective and easy recipes for improvement of health and beauty at home with the help of a lemon. Its juice, peel and pulp can be frozen and thawed to create a 100% natural cosmetics. Profitable, efficient, accessible - and all this without leaving your home!
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