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"Thalassotherapy": useful for all

Thalassotherapy - treatment of the sea. The great ancient physician Hippocrates said: "The sea washes away all diseases." Especially useful for swimming in the sea water to those who suffer from hypertension, arthritis, arthritis, rheumatism and so on. However, offshore procedures have charitable action when removing the stress, fatigue, nervousness, and of course to get rid of extra kilos.
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Adaptogens increase the body's defenses

Not all buyers a variety of pills and potions are aware that the basis of many medicines are herbs. This heart medication and expectorant, and laxative ... And some plants do not only treat some specific diseases, but also increase the body's defenses against various diseases. They are called adaptogens and recommend even a healthy person. Adaptogens are especially effective for colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia. Most adaptogens used in the form of tinctures and extracts - pharmacy or prepared yourself.
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Mummies: the miraculous balm

Shilajit - an ancient miraculous balm juice rocks, popularly referred to as "the blood of the mountain." The substance is used from time immemorial for the treatment of various ailments. It is found in hard to reach areas (cliffs, caves) in the form of a sag, clusters of icicles. The color of refined mineralized mummy - dark brown, viscous sticky mass which softens the warmth of hands, Smolny has a specific smell and dissolves in water with little sediment. The taste is bitter.
Pecan - benefits and harms

PECAN - a kind of plant, or rather a nut, which gained popularity in North America a long time ago, even before the arrival of "European liberators", headed by Christopher Columbus.

The ancient North American Indians used the fruit pecan to improve their vitality and get enough energy. All because of the caloric value of the product surpasses and exceeds all conceivable limits many times over.

No joke, two hundred grams of pecan nuts enough to cover the daily rate of consumption of calories the body of an adult male!

If you break the energy value of pecans into components, we get very specific and characteristic products of plant origin - about 70% fat, 10.3% protein and 14.3% carbohydrate.
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Benefits and harms of chestnut

Benefits and harms of chestnut. Tinctures, decoctions, chestnut in a shabby considered an excellent tool for your home first aid kit.

At least inflorescences of the tree and then poured into the Russian spirit and make then compresses and tinctures made from this material.

But, for example, in France, people also consume nuts, chestnuts in food, sometimes even clearing them from the top of the rind. What caused such a metamorphosis?
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