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Why the need for normal hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is called the most amazing substance in the world, because it provides a vital function for human life - delivers in every cell of oxygen, without which, as we know, the body can survive only a few minutes.

But this is its unique role does not end there, because on the way back he takes in exchange from the cell waste carbon dioxide and thereby cleans our body from decay products.

Therefore, no exaggeration to say that hemoglobin plays an important role in the body, responsible for its vital functions. It is understandable that the higher blood levels, the better the breathing of oxygen, our organism and functions.
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How to get rid of allergies forever

Scientists around the world are studying the causes of allergies, because in the last few decades, the world has seen a rapid growth of allergic diseases and, according to the World Health Organization, one in five children are born with allergies.
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Brain implant against Alzheimer's disease

In people with Alzheimer's disease, have a chance at a full life. The new implant with brain electrodes in the future help to patients with brain damage. Research is being conducted with support from the Agency for Defense Advanced and the US Advanced Research Projects (DARPA).
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Biological age determines predisposition to cancer

Researchers from Northwestern University in Chicago (USA) have developed an algorithm that can be used to determine the real biological age of a person using his DNA samples isolated from blood. If the biological age exceeds the calendar, the risk of cancer increases significantly. The findings are published in the journal EBioMedicine.
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Helicobacter pylori - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The best prevention of Helicobacter pylori - a good immunity and personal hygiene.
Helicobacter pylori (Helicobacter Pilori) - spiral microorganisms living in the stomach and duodenum person and provokes the development of many dangerous diseases (gastritis, ulcers, erosions, polyps, hepatitis, cancer of the stomach and intestines, and many others).
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