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Nutrition during pregnancy. What can and can not eat expectant mothers

Moms important to monitor their diet during pregnancy.

Child health is the main concern of any mother, is nothing more important in the world and can not be, and rightly so. With the development of medicine and science, we now know what kind of vitamins and minerals needed most for the proper development of the fetus that can expectant mothers, and what not.
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The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

Proteins are the basis of our food, the building blocks for muscles, the main source of energy. Learn more about what are the best sources of protein, the role played by the protein and the protein can help to lose weight.

In our body 4 trillion cells which in their daily life activity, 100 000 protein molecules to form muscle, skin, nails, hair, and other tissues. We like machines for processing protein 24 hours a day - our body absorbs, breaks down, transforms and uses protein for their needs.
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Treatment of kidney millet

Treatment of kidney millet - People's method of restoring kidney tissue, removal of sand and slime. Infusion of millet grains useful in the treatment of urolithiasis, cystitis and other urinary problems.
Start self millet can be qualified only after receiving doctor's recommendations. Even such a useful product has its contraindications. Due to the presence in the composition of polysaccharides, a folk remedy on the basis of wheat is prohibited for people with diseases of the pancreas, or colon, suffering from gastritis with low acidity index.
Fungal infection of the nail plate or onychomycosis caused by yeast or fungi, and can appear on the legs and on his hands. The risk of onychomycosis increases in the elderly. Externally, the disease is manifested by various changes in the nail plate. It becomes a thin, fragile, exposed to delamination. In addition, there is a change in color of the nail plate, which often becomes yellow or gray color and lose the characteristic luster. There may be a variety of inclusions.
7 the most effective folk remedies for nail fungus

The fungus on the nails requires a complex and long-term medical treatment. It should be noted that the drugs used in the treatment of onychomycosis, are highly toxic and ineffective. But if the treatment of fungal diseases begin at the early stage of the disease, it is quite possible to him to get rid of folk remedies for one or two months.
Products improving vascular health

The state of our circulatory system depends largely on the operation of all systems of the body as a whole. Therefore, special attention should be paid to your daily diet, the deletion of the fried, fatty, spicy and salty foods and enriching its products, has a beneficial effect on the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels, as well as leading to a decrease in the level of dangerous cholesterol and qualitative improvement in blood chemistry .
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Mastitis called benign breast tissue. The second title of mastitis - fibrocystic disease.
What is the Mastitis and what to do if it came?

The cause of mastitis - a violation of the ratio of connective and epithelial components.
Some statistics: in recent years there has been steady growth in the number of women suffering from this disease. According to various sources, fibrocystic disease affects 30 to 70% of women in reproductive age. We should also note that if a woman has some gynecological disease, then her chances of getting mastopathy almost absolute. In addition, the breast increases the risk of malignant tumors of the breast (among them, and breast cancer).
Breast occurs in women of any age. There are also cases of men mastitis.
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Treacherous sore throat, nasal congestion, fatigue and chills. Everyone is familiar with the symptoms of influenza, which knock us out of the rhythm of normal fulfilling life. Each year mankind spends billions of dollars to fight this dangerous disease. But most of the money goes by only suppressing the symptoms rather than on treatment.
Prevention of influenza: 9 Simple Tips

Changing some habits become the most trusted and natural way to avoid the insidious disease.

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