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Scientists have managed to create sperm from the skin

Chinese scientists from Nanjing University have made a breakthrough in the treatment of infertility, sperm created in the lab from scratch. To do this, specialists have used skin cells. This development may give hope to millions of infertile men, including people affected by cancer who are desperate to become fathers. Creating sperm from the skin can help men to have children who are carriers of their genes, experts say.
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Why do I need to sleep on your left side

Pose, in which you sleep is even more important than other factors

Everyone knows that sleep is very important to maintain good mental and physical health. But it is important not only its duration.

Pose, in which you sleep is even more important than other factors. From it depends on your skin's health and your weight, and your vigor and even your sanity!
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On the dangers of salt again warn experts

Previous studies have shown that excess salt increases the risk of hypertension and other health problems. According to a new study, a diet high in salt causes damage to the liver. Moreover, the liver suffers not only in adults but also in children in the womb, says Science World Report.
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Pros and cons of different types of poultry

How many can you make from poultry! And the broth, and hot, and pate ... Birds can braise, boil, fry, smoke ... Recipes - weight! Most importantly - the meat is an indispensable source of protein for humans. That's just the meat, even the meat of birds, as well as any other food product, there are positive and negative sides.
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What, in fact, you can eat eggs per week

Are you worried because you love foods that are high in cholesterol, but still could not resist the temptation? Now we can relax! Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland denied many of the recommendations that nutritionists all over the decades allowed customers.
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