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Useful vegetables for gut health

Researchers from the Institute of the Walter and Eliza Hall and the University of York have discovered that the sugar molecule, called SQ, contained in cabbage, spinach and other greens, helps to spread beneficial bacteria in the gut. As is known, when the intestine abundantly contain "good" bacteria, they reduce the number of "bad" bacteria that may cause pain in the stomach and various diseases.
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How to gain weight girl

The big problem of modern women is overweight. However, for various reasons may occur the opposite situation, when for various reasons the girl, even with constant use of high-calorie and fatty foods you can not dial a corresponding increase in its weight. How to gain weight girl? How to achieve a seductive round breasts and buttocks, if genetically laid angular, thin form? For this purpose it is necessary not only to change the diet, taking into account the peculiarities of metabolism, but also exercise, contributing to muscle gain in problem areas.
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We love them so that they are ready to remove them without a murmur trays, clean the cells, to spend money on food, toys, shampoos, fillings, vaccinations and daily cleaned clothes from wool.

And we believe that the love and pleasure of communicating that we receive in return are worth the effort. Moreover - pets can benefit our health. Properly selected the favorite can lower blood pressure, soothe stress and even treat headaches and other ailments. And scientists say that the more you are attached to your animal, the more health benefits are getting in return.
But, of course, not all animals can be pets. Many small animals, even domesticated for a long time, with permanent residence with them can cause health damage and even be the cause of serious diseases.
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Folic acid in foods - for what it is

Folic acid is a water-soluble form of vitamin B9. It is indispensable for the human body, a substance found in many foods, and in many countries is added as an additive during the preparation of semi-finished products, bread, pasta and biscuits.

Usually folic acid is prescribed for women who plan to become pregnant. This vitamin is also prescribed in the first month of pregnancy, as it is extremely important for the proper development of the fetus, but it's not all there is to know about folic acid.
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Which foods contain starch. Its benefits and harms, the role of nutrition in

Despite the fact that the starch, small amounts included in all vegetables, we know about this substance should be much less than. Let's talk about the benefits and dangers of starch, of which there are kinds of carbohydrate and what power the most starchy foods.

What the few probably know, it is that starch can benefit, or may do harm. By default, it is believed that the starch-containing products have a higher glycemic index, that is rapidly absorbed and enhance the level of blood glucose.

However, not all of the same starch. Any starch that digest quickly, which is absorbed slowly, and even that is not absorbed at all.
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The American diet

The American diet is one of the most popular weight loss systems in the world. This diet is presented in several versions, each of which has its own characteristics, but they are characterized by simplicity and efficiency.
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What hurts the spine hernias

Intervertebral hernia - a protrusion of the inner nucleus pulposus outside the anatomical localization. The core consists of a vertebra cartilage tissue rich in hyaluronic acid content, which gives it a gelatinous but firm texture. On the circumference of the vertebral body nucleus pulposus protected fibrous ring consisting also of cartilage, but of dense collagen fibers. The structure of the intervertebral discs of the spine ensures smooth movements.

Hernia, in fact, is the protrusion of an internal organ or a part thereof beyond the anatomical localization. In the formation of this pathology crucial role played by two factors:

 Increased internal pressure;

 The destruction of the barrier, fence off internal organs.

 At long current inflammatory process occurring degenerative changes in the fibrous ring. The distance between the fibers increases, cracks appear. However, pain in the spine hernias do not appear on that destroyed cartilage, and by compression of the nerve and vascular bundles prolapsed spinal nucleus pulposus tissue, soft and elastic structure is outside the anatomical localization undergoes ossification - ossification. The resulting bone ridges compress the nerves and small blood vessels.
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Man- Barometer: how to live with meteodependent?

Man, like all other creatures living on the planet, feel the weather changes. This is a normal meteosensitivity, healthy people do not cause much trouble. Meteodependent, by contrast, is a pathological condition characterized by exacerbation of chronic diseases when changing temperature, atmospheric pressure drops, increasing wind, magnetic storms and other "surprises" that are so generous nature. People suffering meteodependent, must know how to adjust their state in such moments, to avoid serious health problems.
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