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Green tea helps in rheumatoid arthritis

Researchers from the University of Washington in Spokane (USA) found that the substance contained in green tea - epigallocatechin gallate - can effectively suppress a number of symptoms that occur in rheumatoid arthritis. His discovery they published on the pages of a scientific journal Arthritis and Rheumatology.
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Adnexitis: treatment at home

Adnexitis refers to a form of female genital diseases, after the diagnosis that the doctor prescribes hormonal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial drugs.

Good results in the treatment of gynecological diseases provides traditional medicine, which means although they are used for a long time, but they virtually eliminate the side effects on the body.
How to bring the temperature down without drugs at home

Increased body temperature happens often enough. Elevated temperature indicates not only the common cold, but also for other inflammatory processes occurring in the body, for example, a blood disease, food poisoning, etc.

In any case, the panic is not necessary, because there are various methods to reduce the temperature with the help of drugs or popular recipes.
5 tips for relief of menopause symptoms

Menopause, or menopause - is a normal process termination of childbearing women, accompanied by a severe hormonal changes in the body. Typically menopause begins at the age of 50-55 years, but the characteristics of this process are very individual. Factors earlier menopause are irregular sexual life, numerous abortions, bad habits, the presence of endocrine, autoimmune and gynecological diseases, frequent stress and overindulgence diets. The severity of the occurrence of menopause is largely determined by heredity.
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