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Found gene vegetarianism

The international scientific team of researchers led by scientists at Cornell University found that a variant of a gene called FADS2 rs66698963 promotes the assimilation of polyunsaturated fatty acids of vegetable origin. This variation of the gene is most common among the nations, traditionally eat vegetarian food. The discovery was published in Molecular Biology and Evolution journal.
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Vitamins in the dog's diet

Vitamin A (retinol) dogs needed to maintain a normal body tissues, it ensures normal growth, vision, reproduction. With a lack of vitamin A in the diet is intense cornification (keratinization) of epithelial tissue of the digestive, respiratory and genital tract in females. Reduced resistance to infectious diseases of dogs (avitaminoznye dogs are the most susceptible to it). The defeat of the epithelium of the lacrimal glands leads to dry eye cornea (xerophthalmia appears) and reduces the regeneration of visual purple of the retina. At A-avitaminoznyh dogs often observed violation of the function of reproduction: in males sterility in females - in violation of the sexual cycle, poor fertility, birth of weak offspring.
The optimum requirement for vitamin A in adult dogs is 100 IU (international units per gram), in young animals - 200 IU per 1 kg of body weight. And at least one-third of the needs to be satisfied at the expense of the vitamin, two-thirds - due to its provitamin - carotene (1 IU corresponds to 0.3 mg of pure vitamin A or carotene 2 mg). Vitamin A lot of the liver, fish oil, vitamin A in plant feed available. A lot of carotene in carrots, spinach, nettles.
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A false to intrafamilial (pregnancy)

False pregnancy - is not a disease. This condition can be described as "physiological pseudopregnancy" because periodically every non-pregnant females in varying degrees, there are characteristic symptoms. There is a theory according to which the false pregnancy of dogs is a primitive way to feed the other bitches puppies this dog pack, if estrus occurs at them only once a year.
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