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TOP 6 foods from pain

From chronic pain affects hundreds of millions of people on the planet. The pain can be removed pills, but pills are addictive and have side effects. Permanent taking them making them ineffective in the fight against pain. However, there are products that are able to manage or prevent various types of pain.
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How to reduce varicose veins by means of tomatoes

Varicose veins - the extension and inflammation of the veins, in this state, they become visible to the naked eye under the skin, and because of this becomes a real problem, a threat to health and beauty, both for women and for men.

Most people, once faced with this, try to find some solution to hide the veins stood out, and not to attract too much attention surrounding their "imperfections".

Few see here is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a threat to their health. And the last is really very important, as varicose veins indicates poor circulation, which in turn can lead to other types of ailments: the severity of pain and fatigue in the legs.
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Thrombosis of deep veins: 8 symptoms signalling about danger

Varicose veins are familiar to many, according to statistics, the disease affects more than half of the adult population. Typically, varicose disease affects mainly the superficial blood vessels, and is manifested typical cosmetic defects. Much more dangerous is deep vein thrombosis, as this disease in the early stages can occur unnoticed, but in advanced cases is in serious danger - thrombosis. This is a condition where a blood clot formed in the basin, and began to move off, reaching an organ. In such a situation increases the risk of blockage of a large vessel with a very sad consequences.
About not always appreciable, but very important signs of a thrombosis of deep veins we shall tell in this article.
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What to eat to normalize pressure

Experts have compiled a list of useful products to be included in the diet of those who do not know firsthand what is hypertension.

Hypertension is a serious disease that is constantly or occasionally pursues about 30% of the world population. This disease is associated with impaired blood pressure in which it becomes higher than normal.

Hypertension can be a separate disease, and to be associated with disturbances in the work of certain organs, including the kidneys, heart, endocrine glands.
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