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Vascular protection: 10 products against blood clots

Afraid of blood clots is not only the elderly. Young people often die because of thrombus formation and its fatal consequences. Especially thinking about the risk of thrombotic events should be those who have been in the family problems associated with an increased tendency to form blood clots. What you need to know to prevent blood clots?
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The smile on a million dollars at home

We used to use gold as ornaments, without thinking about its health benefits. In fact, the noble metal has valuable therapeutic properties. The company Swiss Smile, one of the leading manufacturers of professional dental products, has released the "gold" collection of D'OR for the effective and efficient oral care.
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6 Natural Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes can be itchy, annoying, and even debilitating, but there are natural ways to address these issues successfully, without resorting to steroid creams or prescription medications. Be aware of the foods you eat and incorporate these herbs into your daily routine for healthy, itch-free skin.

These are my top recommendations for maintaining healthy skin anywhere on the body.
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The easiest way to make a lip balm with your choice of essential oils, is simply to warm your favorite balm (with all those pure natural ingredients) and add a few drops of the therapeutic grade essential oil. For example, take about a Tablespoonful size of a beeswax type of lip balm, place the container in some warm water until it softens, and then add 2 drops of Melissa, 1 drop Tea Tree and 1 drop of Spearmint essential oils. Stir well with a toothpick. This formula is wonderful salve for healing cold sores. It tastes good, too.
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