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6 exercise to reduce stoop

Even slim and beautiful girl can ruin bad posture, namely a slouch. In medicine, the disease is called kyphosis or hyperkyphosis. To discover at this spine disease can be simple manner.

Stand for a vertical wall or other flat surface. Your neck, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels should touch the wall. Wait so for 10-15 minutes. If this exercise was given to you easily, so there is no cause for concern. Well, if you can not keep your back straight for a minute, there is already need to take serious measures.
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Herbs from nerves - advice of traditional medicine

Status of depression and irritability can be caused by many factors. This reaction to the change in the weather, the atmospheric pressure drops, lack of vitamins, physical or emotional overload.
You can, of course, to wait, to endure, you can take a couple of pills from the pharmacy. But it's best to remember some simple but useful and effective recipes that have long been used by people to preserve the mental and physical balance.
Calendula - the unique healing properties of plants

Calendula officinalis belongs to the Asteraceae annual herb of the family. In the wild form is found in the Mediterranean countries, in Central and Southern Europe. We calendula is known as an ornamental and medicinal plant.
For therapeutic purposes, is used in marigold flower baskets. Raw materials are dried in the shade under the eaves or in well-ventilated areas. Shelf life of raw materials 2 years. Calendula flowers contain flavonoids, carotenoids, saponins, essential oils, triterpene glycosides, bitter and slimy substances, zinc, copper, molybdenum, selenium, boron.
Watermelon and mint to cleanse the liver

The human body, especially in our time, when a lot of food is added stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, regulators, flavorings, colorings and other non-nutrients are almost always exposed to intoxication.

Confidence that we eat healthy food, we can be only if we have your own garden with vegetables, herbs, berries and fruit grown with their own hands. Alcohol also has a toxic effect on the body, and it all begins with the liver. It is there that the toxins accumulate, so, first of all, you need to display "bad" substance here.

A person can not notice and liver diseases for many years. It is "quietly" tolerate all load and complexity, but at one point may simply not survive and surrender. Treatment of liver complicated, long and expensive.
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5 ways to relieve stress instantly

Stress state can overtake you at any time, even at the worst possible time. Learn how to relieve stress symptoms immediately!

Unpleasant conversation, the bad news, an unexpected problem, quarrel ... Any of these factors could be the last straw that broke your patience and optimism. And you will instantly fall into a state of stress, which can damage both your health and relationships with others. Try to learn to immediately arrest the symptoms of stress and quickly to calm the nervous system.
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Breathing Techniques from pain, insomnia and stress

The drug, which relieves stress, fatigue and sleepiness in 5 minutes there. And it is - a breath. Experts suggested breathing techniques for pain, insomnia and stress.

American Leonard Orr came up with a strange word - "rebirthing", behind which is hidden deep meaning. Rebirthing Orr - it consists of a number of breathing circuits and is suitable for a variety of situations. By mastering them, you get a kind of first-aid kit, which will help to cope with various ailments (insomnia, migraine, as an analgesic, anti-depressant, and so on.).
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