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How quickly cure a cold

Came the cold and is not uncommon to notice a cold people. Shifting weather really affects the condition of the body. Reduced immunity immediately makes itself felt. You can catch a cold quite quickly, but also to recover quickly. This is especially important if the scheduled an important meeting or event. At such times, we could not help puzzling yourself how to cure the common cold for 1 day, and is it possible? This is possible if we begin to treat the common cold at the first sign of its manifestation.

Banal laziness or time prevents us to pay attention to yourself, and then the situation is exacerbated and can lead to unpleasant consequences. There are some tips that will help to cure the common cold quickly.
How to strengthen the immune system: Top 9 main rules

Strong immune system - that is the key to health and well-being every day. Unfortunately, the immune system of modern man is far from ideal. Polluted environment, poor diet, bad habits, constant stress, and so on - all this leads to weakening of the body's defenses. We all occasionally wondered how to strengthen immunity adult. What should I do to be young, fresh, full of strength, energy, and as little as possible to hurt. Output is: strengthen your immune system. Yes, this takes a little time and a little effort. But the result will justify all your expectations.
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The most effective ways to speed up metabolism

Metabolism slows down for the night when we do not use food for 9-12 hours. And when you give up breakfast, you are signaliziruete your metabolism so that it is not activated, continued sleep, the body decides that he needs to keep the energy up the food receipts. Breakfast also stimulates the metabolism, recalling that it is time to begin the work.
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Energy-intensive menu with a small amount calories

In the proposed system the power your body every day will receive a required minimum of calories.

On average, the human body needs about 1400-1500 calories. This is the necessary minimum. Of course, much depends on the age and the work that person performs. For example, women from 19 to 30 years need 2,000 calories, while men in the same age - 2400. After 50 years of women's body needs only 1,600 calories and men's - 2000.
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Primary obesity: compress, bath and steam against obesity

Most of us believe obesity is not a disease, and cosmetic defects. Unfortunately, few people think that to be complete not only ugly but also dangerous to health. Superfluous kgs heavy burden borne by the heart, blood vessels, liver. To be precise, there is no authority that does not suffer from an excess of adipose tissue. Especially alarming obesity endocrinologists, because this pathology is always indicative of metabolic disorders that can result in unpredictable.

Obesity requires a comprehensive approach and treatment. When this disease in the hygiene procedures useful to include packs and baths, as well as a visit to the steam room.
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8 the main symptoms of kidney failure

The kidneys play a very important role in the functioning of our body. They are located in the lower part of the back and thoracic treated with 120 to 150 liters of blood per day.

When the kidneys are working well, they purify the blood of waste and excess fluid. This avoids many diseases.

The kidneys maintain the electrolyte balance in the body, contribute to the production of red blood cells and help control blood pressure.

Therefore, violation of their normal operation, leading to serious health problems, to the deterioration of the quality of life.
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