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Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils. Tonsils are lymph nodes which are located on the both sides of your throat. Tonsillitis is a very common inflammation in children but also have chances of getting it. This condition is caused by a viral infection but in some cases it can be caused by a bacterial infection which is causing enlargement of the tonsils. There are 3 varying degrees of tonsillitis – mild, moderate and severe. The most common symptoms of tonsillitis are sneezing, coughing, bad breath, headache, runny nose, difficulty swallowing, swollen glands on the tonsils, fever and sore throat. This is a highly contagious disease and it can spread very quickly from one person to another. The virus or the bacteria is transmitted through droplets in the air from sneezing or coughing or through social contact. This is a reason why you need treatment immediately.

There are medications that can be used to treat tonsillitis. Also you can try some of the below mentioned home remedies for the treatment of tonsillitis because they can help to manage symptoms and fight the infection. Talk with your doctor if your child suffers from tonsillitis because he or she can tell you which the best natural treatment for his or her condition is. Also adults can have tonsillitis so the best natural treatment will be said when your doctor will make the proper diagnosis. This condition is extremely contagious so you should maintain proper care because it can help you to maintain high levels of hygiene and this can prevent in contracting the tonsillitis. If you get tonsillitis, then you should drink lot of fluids to aid recovery, speak as softly and as little as possible and get lot of rest.

Coca tea has many health benefits such as regulating diabetes, protecting the heart, boosting attention, preventing altitude sickness, increasing energy, stimulating the immune system, aiding in weight loss and relieving constipation. Also there are some side effects of coca tea (such as high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, irritability and migraines), especially when it is used in excess amount. Also there are some groups of people who should never use coca tea because it has cocaine which is one of the active ingredients in this tea.

This type of tea has been heavily used by indigenous people in South America for thousands of years. Coca tea is made by steeping the fresh leaves of the coca plant in boiling water. This is allowing to the powerful phytonutrients as well as trace amounts of active ingredients such as cocaine to infuse in the water. In many parts of the South America this tree is known as mate de coca. It has greenish – yellow color which is reminiscent of the green tea. Coca tea has alkaloids which are base of it and this is a reason why it is illegal drug in many countries.

You should know that it is not always easy to access coca tea, unless it has been decocainized. Coca tea has many health benefits which are result of the phytonutrients as well as B – family vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. If you drink the coca tea (which is stimulant tea) in excess amounts, then it can cause excitability and irritability because there is a concentration of cocaine which is a very powerful stimulant drug.
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