Clean the body of toxins will help lemon diet

On the beneficial properties of lemon is known to people long ago.

A diet based on lemon, aimed at detoxification and cleansing of the body - a good way to excretion of toxins and waste; At the same time, it contributes to the rapid weight loss.

This diet has been known for half a century, but it became popular all over the world only in recent years.
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cabbage Soup diet

Cabbage Soup Diet allows you to lose those extra 5 kg and thus also strengthen the immune system.

This diet is a budget and very effective solution to those who decide to get rid of the extra kilos and get ready for the season, when you can shine in public matters.
It is important to understand that the cabbage is fairly unique vegetable by fiber contained therein with a relatively small calorific value (it is only 28 kcal). That is why the cabbage is great promotes weight loss. And its richness in potassium do cabbage product that perfectly relieves the body of excess fluid.

Also in cabbage contains tartronic acid, slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. It protects the body from obesity.
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How to look younger than their age: 5 required products

In this article you will learn how to look younger than their years with the help of the proper selection of foods.

Skin condition: the presence of wrinkles, rashes, skin elasticity, as well as tactile sensation - all these factors are largely dependent on food. So, at the wrong acne diet would be more skin quickly becomes less elastic and will not wrinkle 35 and 27.
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Pros and cons of different types of poultry

How many can you make from poultry! And the broth, and hot, and pate ... Birds can braise, boil, fry, smoke ... Recipes - weight! Most importantly - the meat is an indispensable source of protein for humans. That's just the meat, even the meat of birds, as well as any other food product, there are positive and negative sides.
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