5 foods that help nicotine withdrawal from the organism

Smoking not only has a negative impact on the health of the consumer tobacco products, but air pollution is a source of substances potentially harmful to others. In recent years, the number of people seeking to get rid of a bad habit has increased substantially. The point is not easy: quit smoking, one immediately begins to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. In addition, many of yesterday smokers initially feel a great disappointment, since the improvement of health, for which they expect, comes not at once. The reason is that toxic substances accumulated in the body for years, just disappear completely after 6-8 months. Fortunately, this process can be accelerated, including the daily in their diet foods that promote the excretion of nicotine and substances formed as a result of its decay.
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7 snacking that do not harm the figure

When overcome by hunger, and the opportunity to dine there is no full, come to the aid snacks - small in terms of meals, stabilizing blood sugar levels. The ratio of nutritionists to snacking often negative, but because as a snack most people choose high-calorie foods with a high number of "fast" carbohydrates: cookies, biscuits, crisps, sweets. However, the use of snacks for weight loss is obvious: the person avoids a strong sense of hunger, overeating companion, and not gaining weight - but only when eating the products are correct.
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9 useful products, which are undeservedly forgotten

Turnip, radish, horseradish - once these and other products are very popular with our ancestors, being not only the food nourishes the body, but also medicines, cures for many diseases. Unfortunately, the use of some of them have long gone out of fashion, and once favorite plants and vegetables have almost ceased to contribute to human health. The inclusion of these products in the modern diet - effective measure to prevent and treat diseases that rarely suffered by our ancestors - obesity, diabetes, bone diseases, atherosclerosis and many other ailments.
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Pecan - benefits and harms

PECAN - a kind of plant, or rather a nut, which gained popularity in North America a long time ago, even before the arrival of "European liberators", headed by Christopher Columbus.

The ancient North American Indians used the fruit pecan to improve their vitality and get enough energy. All because of the caloric value of the product surpasses and exceeds all conceivable limits many times over.

No joke, two hundred grams of pecan nuts enough to cover the daily rate of consumption of calories the body of an adult male!

If you break the energy value of pecans into components, we get very specific and characteristic products of plant origin - about 70% fat, 10.3% protein and 14.3% carbohydrate.
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20 interesting facts about the avocado that you do not know

Avocado is often called a super-product. Today, this fruit is officially recognized as the most nutritious in the world and warmly recommended by nutritionists as an alternative, natural and useful source of fatty acids.

Avocados have a pulp containing a large amount of fat. At a ripe avocado flesh is soft, almost creamy, nutty flavor has a light, color light green or yellow. Once the fruit is different tough-skinned. While most commercially available fruit with green skin, it should be very dark (almost black), if the ripe fruit.
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Water Sassi diet - what is it?

Today, there are many wonderful tools and recipes for quick weight loss, but, unfortunately, this abundance is difficult to distinguish what is truly noteworthy. Water Sassi has appeared recently, but the effectiveness of this tool have seen many.

Nutritionists all the time repeating that water is one of the most important aspects of the health of the body and body harmony. According to current principles of healthy eating, adult needs 1 -2 liters of clean water per day. We are not talking about any body fluids, ie about tea, coffee or juice, namely clean water.

And what if this water add something useful to the body, a few ingredients which do not only improve our health, withdraw toxins and wastes, but also help to reduce waist?
This is the question asked myself a few years ago, Dr. Cynthia Sass, who picked up the ingredients and tried the first vitamin waters.
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The inclusion of fish in a vegetarian diet against colon cancer

CNN Agency published the results of a multi-year study of diet due to the risk of developing cancer. First of all, the removal was confirmed by the use of, or at least substantial reduction in red meat diet composition. However, the transition to a purely vegetarian diet is not quite correct option. Studies have shown that the key to preventing colorectal (colon and rectum) cancer is to supplement plant-based diet with fish. This variant showed 43% reduction in the risk of cancer compared with people with "omnivorous" diet.
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Bran for weight loss

Bran proven themselves as a tool for weight loss and body cleansing. Each of us, looking for the opportunity to lose weight, choose the most suitable and convenient ways.

In addition to visits to the gym, active exercise, jogging, fitness, and other techniques, saunas and baths as a treatment, also help diet, different products and unloading days.

There are foods that help you lose weight and not gain extra weight. They are included in the composition of diets or eating in parallel with the normal food. Among these bran products are very popular.

But as with any diet or exercise, their eating is best to discuss with your primary health care provider.
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