How to solve the problem of weight gain: the right diet and exercise

As a rule, all the girls are eager to get rid of the extra kilograms; However, there is a category of women who, on the contrary, do not know how to gain weight and make your figure more attractive and feminine, because excessive thinness still nobody decorated. The need for this kind of diet occurs when the body does not begin to get muscle mass and necessary for the female body fat. What to do in this situation?

Surprisingly, the easiest and simplest method - "eat more fatty and high-calorie food" - there is no longer working. After all, as a rule, such a lack of muscle and fat is associated with certain health problems that poor diet exacerbates. Remember that any hasty diet may entail not the best consequences, therefore it is necessary first of all to go to the doctor and only after consultations begin actively lose weight or gain weight.
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Products pressure reduction

Products reducing the pressure of interest to many people. And it's not a good life. In your medicine cabinet already taken their "honorable" place hypotonic agents, and high blood pressure you experienced? Or maybe just started to think about such a serious illness, such as hypertension and its consequences?

To successfully confront the disease as much as possible to penetrate deeply into the reasons you must try its appearance and explore all methods, traditional and folk, which will help improve the quality of life and forget about the problem for a long time.
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Diet for a hernia - opinion dietitian, tips, advice

Almost all herniation (bulging of internal organs through a defect in the abdominal wall) are abdominal wall hernias. In general, doctors are faced with a hernia of the esophagus, the groin, the food aperture, umbilical and femoral hernia, and the so-called white wall.

In adults, the hernia is treated mainly by surgery alone. While the patient is desirable not to delay the operation to rely on "maybe". Such patients are doctors simply do not have time to save. Especially if the patient is at the time of an exacerbation will be one and not be able to call an ambulance.
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Wheat diet - according to nutritionists, reviews

Diet, wheat porridge is by far the most effective method used to get rid of extra kilograms. The main thing, as recommended by nutritionists, carefully follow all recommendations. It is with this diet, you can find a slim figure easily and quickly.
Wheat cereal is used in many countries, not only as a complete product, but also used as a low-calorie diets.
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Diet for osteoarthritis - a view nutritionist recommendations

Sometimes, to determine the cause of a disease is simply impossible. Because doctors have no choice as to make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Among these unknown diseases include osteoarthritis. To date, put forward more than thousands of theories about how disease occurs. The most common version is the one that people do not eat and drink the products, which have a negative effect on the body. In this regard, several diets designed to help not only to maintain their health, but also to combat persistent pain in the joints.
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The diet after a heart attack - according to nutritionists, tips

There are diseases in which it is necessary to pay special attention to your diet and possibly change the diet and lifestyle. One such disease is myocardial infarction. Because the diet is especially important after a heart attack. By selection and observance of the diet should be approached with great care. After all, nutrition plays a key role in the recovery of the body after illness.
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Vegetable marrow: structure, benefits and properties of of courgettes, squash diet

Vegetable marrow - is an annual herb of the family Cucurbitaceae. Courgettes have an elongated shape and can be yellow, green or white.
Homeland squash - America, but initially in the food consumed only his seeds. In Europe, the zucchini was in the XVI century in the company of other strange plants, which are first grown only in botanical gardens. Today, however, the Mediterranean cuisine is inconceivable without this vegetable. So use the squash, as we do now - the immature, the Italians began in the XVIII century.

The most popular variety is the European zucchini, peel color of which can be from light green to dark green. Zucchini - it is a very useful vegetable that is easy to digest and has beneficial effects on the digestive system and skin health. And the fruits of the seeds are used in cosmetics as a component of creams, able to regulate the sebaceous glands.
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Products containing potassium. The dangerous lack of potassium

We all know that potassium is good for the heart, and that it can be found in bananas. However, this is not all there is to know about this important trace elements. Potassium is involved in many processes in the body and is one of the minerals that we need especially large quantities.

Potassium is present in every cell of our body, and without it, in the truest sense, life is impossible. This trace mineral essential for normal functioning of the heart, muscle, kidney and other organs.

The content of potassium in the body of an adult is approximately 250 grams, of which only 3 grams of serum, everything else in the cells.
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Catering to the female reproductive system

Concerned about the welfare of their reproductive system, a woman not only strengthens your own health, but also contributes to the extension of youth, because it is the reproductive system produces hormones that are responsible for normal beauty and vitality, these hormones are produced by the ovaries. The organs of the female reproductive system also includes the fallopian tubes and the uterus itself, the vagina, the external genitals and breasts. In addition to the synthesis of hormones, reproductive system performs reproduction and feeding function.
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