Cooked beets, composition, use, boiled properties for weight loss

Beetroot belongs to the family marantaceae. Beets were grown in ancient Babylon, Armenia and Iran is still in the second millennium BC. And the first in the course was the beet tops, which was considered a drug. It was only much later began to eat the roots.
In the middle ages beetroot it was particularly popular in Eastern Europe, where the plague was raging. Local residents noticed an abundance of beets on the table in the villages of mortality was lower. This love of beets peoples of Eastern Europe and preserved to this day.
In Russia, beets extremely popular because of good taste, availability and simplicity of cultivation. There is, perhaps, no garden or private garden, where there is at least one of the beds with beets. Beetroot - one of the few vegetables that retain their properties during the entire year of storage, up to the new harvest, and do not lose vitamins.
Beets are often eaten boiled. Sometimes - as juices or crude.
Ingredients boiled beets
In 100 grams of cooked beets contains about 45 calories. Calorie beet may vary depending on the variety: the greater the beets contain sugar, the higher the calorie content. 86% beet is water, approximately 9% - carbohydrates. Other - proteins (1.5%), fat (0.1%), cellulose.
Beetroot is a good source of minerals and vitamins. It consists of iron, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, fluorine, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur. In large quantities contains vitamins A, C, E, D, PP.
Beetroot contains a large number of biologically active substances, which are due to the beneficial properties of this vegetable.
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Cooked carrots, composition, use, boiled carrot diet
Carrot belongs to the family umbrella. It is considered the birthplace of Afghanistan to Europe carrots came only at the beginning of the last millennium. "Grandma" all the familiar orange carrot was purple. Bright colored root vegetables gave a positive farmers in the Netherlands in the XVII century, moving the new variety. Since then, it has gained such popularity carrots. However, in China willing to eat roots and purple.
Initially carrots grown for scented foliage, enriching greens meager diet. A juicy roots tasted much later. Nowadays cultivated dozens of varieties of carrots, which can be divided into the dining room, which we eat and feed, which is fed to livestock, or a raw material for sugar production.
In the food consumed as a raw carrots and boiled. And it is dried, pickled, fried and salted. As a result of the heat treatment carrots acquires new properties, wherein the vitamins lost.
Composition of cooked carrots
Calorie boiled carrots does not exceed 35 calories, most of which is accounted for carbohydrates, protein and fat in the cooked carrots minimum. The boiled roots grow carbohydrate content of about 30 percent compared with raw carrots.
Cooking destroys almost to the base of ascorbic acid, which is contained in raw carrots, but it does not reduce the content of pro-vitamin A - the main advantages of carrots. According to the content of provitamin boiled carrots is no different from the crude.
In 100 grams of carrot contains 7-11 mg of provitamin A, some varieties have a significant content. Such varieties are called vysokokarotinovymi. Enough to eat 10 grams of carrots a day to replenish the body's need vitamin A. 30 grams of cooked carrots conventional varieties provide the daily requirement of vitamin A.
In addition to provitamin A boiled carrots contains vitamins B1, B2, B9, K, PP and a small amount of vitamin C. Among the minerals should be noted the high content of calcium, iodine, phosphorus, iron.
Value boiled carrots impart essential oils and volatile, which are not destroyed by cooking. Boiled carrots - the source of alkaline substances that the body neutralize the destructive effects of acid.
The cooked carrots as a raw, high sugar content. Some varieties of sugar content in the dry matter can be up to 15%. Stored in the cooked carrots and fiber, but its content is lower than in raw carrots.
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Nutrition for premenstrual syndrome (PMS products)

Premenstrual syndrome brings a lot of discomfort. These few days in a woman's life can be enough to change her appearance and general condition, which later became ashamed of their own behavior. However, any display can be corrected ICP, including by forming an optimum diet.
What to look for PMS
Premenstrual syndrome - a collection of disorders associated with neuro-psychic, vegetative vascular and metabolic and endocrine activity of the organism. All this translates into a number of symptoms that affect the health and behavior of women during the whole period of the ICP. These symptoms include:
irritability and aggressiveness;
Pain in the lower abdomen;
pressure fluctuations;
the development of the doldrums;
hormonal disorders;
overall decline in performance;
dizziness and fainting;
increased appetite and thirst;
deteriorating digestion, bloating, and others.
But it is worth noting that a strong manifestation of these symptoms characteristic only 10% of women. The remaining 90% of PMS, although an effect, tolerated by women easier. An important fact is the fact that the appearance of similar symptoms just prior to the onset of menses and continued after it is not talking about PMS, but the pathological changes in a woman's body, which should be a signal to a serious medical examination.
The reasons for the deterioration of the symptoms of PMS are often vitamin deficiency and lack of unsaturated fatty acids in the diet, which adheres to a woman. It is therefore important during the premenstrual period to take care of the correction of these things in the diet.
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Catering (food) for tendons

Speaking of nutrition for healthy tendons, it is important to have a good idea of ??what the actual question. A tendon called connective tissue, which is "attached" to one side of the bones of the skeleton, and the other goes to the muscle itself. In tendons very important work - they convey movement performed by the muscles, bones. This is a mandatory condition for almost any motor effort of man.
Tendons are different: short and long, narrow and wide, cylindrical and flat, and there separating the muscle tendons on the piece and have the bones together. Tendon task - to minimize the possibility of deformation of the bone, despite the tension forces which produce muscle. All of this underscores the importance of tendon tissue and speaks of the need to take care of her health.
It is interesting to know what are considered to be the strongest tendon feet. So Achilles tendon can withstand a load of 400 kg, the quadriceps tendon - 600 kg.
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The protein in the food. The role of proteins in the human diet

Proteins are the basis of our food, the building blocks for muscles, the main source of energy. Learn more about what are the best sources of protein, the role played by the protein and the protein can help to lose weight.

In our body 4 trillion cells which in their daily life activity, 100 000 protein molecules to form muscle, skin, nails, hair, and other tissues. We like machines for processing protein 24 hours a day - our body absorbs, breaks down, transforms and uses protein for their needs.
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Products improving vascular health

The state of our circulatory system depends largely on the operation of all systems of the body as a whole. Therefore, special attention should be paid to your daily diet, the deletion of the fried, fatty, spicy and salty foods and enriching its products, has a beneficial effect on the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels, as well as leading to a decrease in the level of dangerous cholesterol and qualitative improvement in blood chemistry .
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Diet after 40 years

Diet, after forty years, is aimed at reducing and stabilizing weight and health improvement
Diet after 40 years, is designed for one - two weeks, during which weight will decline slowly but effectively, eliminating the occurrence of health problems.
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Products containing vitamin D

According to studies, many of us do not get enough vitamin D, a vitamin that is needed not only for calcium absorption and bone. What is the role of vitamin D in the human body and what foods to find this vitamin?

Vitamin D is needed by the body and lead to serious debate in the scientific world, and all of the recent studies that have shown that people take vitamin E are more stable and less likely to die from cancer.
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Ginger in sugar - is there any benefit? Properties contraindications recipe

Despite careful processing, candied ginger retain many of the beneficial properties of this unique root. Unlike other sweets, ginger in sugar is usually sold in health food stores and is often used as a drug.

Sugar can not be called healthy products, but in this case it acts as a preservative and improves the taste of ginger, which is not to everyone's taste. So, if you eat candied ginger in limited quantities, this delicacy will benefit and will help to better cope with some diseases.

Ginger sugar has long been a favorite delicacy in many Asian countries, where the root of the race. In particular, in this form, ginger popular in India. Candied ginger is eaten with tea, add to baked goods.
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