Diet DASH - meals for hypertension and weight loss

5 years in a row DASH diet authoritative American publication called "the most useful diet", "the best diet for hypertension" as well as the best diet for diabetes. Nutritionists around the world, more and more talk about the DASH diet as one of the most regular and diet.

If we translate from English, the transcript of DASH will sound just as "diet for the treatment of hypertension." So, this diet was created with all the features and recommendations of experienced doctors to improve the condition of patients with hypertension and to rid patients of this disease forever.
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NUTRITION FOR WOMEN WITH OSTEOPOROSISDiet for osteoporosis in women - the main method of prevention, and treatment of this disease is almost inevitable. After 50 years, signs of gradual bone loss begins in three women, and after 70 years, half the apparently healthy pensioners suffering from this disease.
Without much power at such diagnosis is necessary. Let the finished hip fracture or spinal is not a cure, but it can certainly help to avoid similar problems in the future.
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Proper breakfast

What should be the right breakfast? What foods are good to eat for breakfast? Reasons why you can not skip breakfast.

"It is necessary to have breakfast like a king, lunch - like a prince and dinner - like a beggar." Very precise and proper sentence. The value morning meal for our health can not be overestimated. From what we eat for breakfast, to a large extent it depends on our well-being and performance throughout the day.

In this article, we'll show you how to be a proper breakfast, which is helpful to eat foods during the morning meal, and why you can not skip breakfast. With the answer to the last question, and we will begin.
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What's missing from the body if you want to: salty, sweet, sour

What's missing body? Why do I want to salty, sweet, sour?

What if suddenly wanted to fish or lemon or something else that you eat very often, and can not be called a favorite product?

The answer is simple - do not hammer their desire, eat what you want - the body will still keep on reminding you about it until you get what you want. And then consult a physician to understand - why change your taste preferences. Often, because the body gives us a signal that there have been some physiological changes, and they can not always be positive. Unusual taste desires physicians consider signs of emerging diseases as the body lets us know what he was missing.
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Benefits of Omega 3,6,9

Omega 3, 6, 9 - for what is useful and what is this stuff? The public is attended to this matter after in 1970. English physiologist Hugh Sinclair and his team conducted a study in Greenland.
It was found that the Eskimos who eat a lifetime fatty fish, does not suffer from atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and diabetes - the major diseases of the whole "civilized" world. The experiment has excited the entire planet - like, really bad fats can be beneficial? That's right, and not just useful, but indispensable
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How to drink fresh juices?

Fresh juices are the elixir of youth. It contains nearly all the vitamins present in fruits and vegetables before one was prepared juice. The fresh-juice contains more than 80% of natural water, which, as well as plant sugars, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, easily digested and replenish its reserves. Fresh juices restored immunity and protective properties of the organism. But you can not consume too much of fresh juice, you should first learn how to drink juice. For example, beet juice can harm the stomach wall due to the fact that he has a great acidity. But when it is combined with other juices it can bring many benefits. Also, because of the high acidity should be cautious to use juice from citrus fruits.
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Chia seeds - what it is, the use, application, contraindications

Chia seeds or Spanish sage recently gained immense popularity and are considered super-product. They say that it is enough to eat just one pinch in the day not to feel hungry, full of strength and energy, and thus lose weight.

1.Chia seeds - what it is, use
2.Useful properties of chia seeds
3.Chia seeds - like eating
4.How to choose and store the seeds of chia
5.Contraindications and harm

In every corner of the world, has its miraculous plants that bring the human body more good than any medicine. We have our own, for example, rose hips, nettle and sea buckthorn. But unlike our ancestors, today we have the opportunity to use not only what is growing in our native land, and try products and herbs from around the globe.

One such product, we will talk with you today, we are talking about chia seeds. Originally they were from Central America, there is nothing special about this name is not. But the seeds themselves are very special. In the last couple of years, in America they have become very popular, they are seen as a remedy for many ailments, as well as a good helper who want to lose weight.
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