High intracranial pressure - Causes and Treatment

Increased intracranial pressure, or intracranial hypertension - a condition that can occur suddenly or develop gradually. High intracranial pressure - a fairly common disorder that can be caused by many reasons.
Intracranial hypertension first described in the 16th century Gerrit de Veer - Dutch navigator and explorer. He discovered the toxic effects of the liver of the polar bear during one of his early trips to the Arctic. Several members of the expedition to taste dishes from the polar predator liver and nearly died from a strong increase in intracranial pressure caused by a lethal dose of vitamin A, which contains a polar bear liver.
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The first signs of a developing myocardial

Myocardial infarction - the defeat of the heart muscle caused by an acute violation of its blood supply due to thrombosis (blockage) of one of the arteries of the heart of an atherosclerotic plaque.

In this case the affected part of the muscle dies, that is developing necrosis. Cell death begins within 20-40 minutes after the cessation of blood flow.
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At a high level of thyroid hormone occurs thyrotoxicosis

Thyrotoxicosis is an abnormal condition that is caused by excessive release of thyroid hormones into the blood. Thyroid gland in the normal state makes hormones that affect many physiological processes in the body, in particular on the overall metabolism. By increasing the production of these hormones is accelerated metabolism, which appears atypical clinical and sick people often refer not to the endocrinologist and other specialists.
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What are the symptoms of cataracts can be determined

Cataracts can be determined at an early stage and to preserve their eyesight. It is worth recalling that the cataract is an eye disease that most often occurs in people over 50 years. How do I find specialists, one of the main causes of the disease is a natural aging. Therefore, this topic will be of interest to everyone - your risk is, almost everyone.
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Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Spasms - uncontrolled muscle contractions, often accompanied by pain syndrome. The man who is faced with this problem for the first time in his life, often experiencing fear. Some are aware of convulsions in childhood, others meet for the first time with this unpleasant condition in adolescence, or even young adulthood. At any age with seizures can and must be fought, because they reduce the quality of life.
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Cardiac Asthma - Symptoms and Treatment

Cardiac asthma - a sudden asthma attacks that result from acute left ventricular failure. Due to the weakening of the left stomach muscle, there is stagnation of blood in the pulmonary circulation. As a result, the liquid part of blood (plasma) flows abroad pulmonary blood vessels, saturating the small bronchi and the tissue, and therefore, the lung tissue swells, which is why there is difficulty breathing, shortness of breath occurs. In severe cases - developing asthma.
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