What are the symptoms of cataracts can be determined

Cataracts can be determined at an early stage and to preserve their eyesight. It is worth recalling that the cataract is an eye disease that most often occurs in people over 50 years. How do I find specialists, one of the main causes of the disease is a natural aging. Therefore, this topic will be of interest to everyone - your risk is, almost everyone.
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Spasms - Causes and Treatment

Spasms - uncontrolled muscle contractions, often accompanied by pain syndrome. The man who is faced with this problem for the first time in his life, often experiencing fear. Some are aware of convulsions in childhood, others meet for the first time with this unpleasant condition in adolescence, or even young adulthood. At any age with seizures can and must be fought, because they reduce the quality of life.
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Cardiac Asthma - Symptoms and Treatment

Cardiac asthma - a sudden asthma attacks that result from acute left ventricular failure. Due to the weakening of the left stomach muscle, there is stagnation of blood in the pulmonary circulation. As a result, the liquid part of blood (plasma) flows abroad pulmonary blood vessels, saturating the small bronchi and the tissue, and therefore, the lung tissue swells, which is why there is difficulty breathing, shortness of breath occurs. In severe cases - developing asthma.
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Causes of frequent urination without pain in men

Often one notices that the desires in a toilet are becoming more frequent. In such cases it is necessary to reflect on the reasons, which is not much, either it is a large amount of fluid drunk before, either - a symptom of a disease. Some associate the disease with pain, but not all diseases occur with discomfort, and may be the only indicator of frequent urination.

All signals of our body processes the brain. When filling the bladder there is irritation of his neck, where a huge number of receptors. When the body shell of the muscles are stretched enough, receptors send a signal to the brain that the bladder is filled. Grey Matter reduces muscle, from which arise and the urge to go to the toilet.
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Gastrocardiac syndrome (syndrome Remhelda)

Gastrocardiac syndrome - a complex reflex occurring changes in the cardiovascular system, manifested some time after the meal. In the world of a condition known as well as "Remhelda syndrome", according to the doctor who described his last name at the beginning of the XX century.

  The mechanism of the syndrome is associated with an excessive stimulation of the vagus nerve under the influence of an increased sensitivity to the overstimulation of mechanoreceptors (respond to stretching) and chemoreceptors (reacting to the various chemical substances) of the wall of the lower third of the esophagus and the upper third of the stomach, intestines.
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