What is a virus Zika?

In recent months, an increasing number of media reports of an epidemic virus Zika, sweeping the South and Central America and the Caribbean. Dr. John Schwartzberg (John E. Swartzberg), a specialist in infectious diseases from the University of California at Berkeley, answered some questions related to this virus, in the pages of the online edition BerkeleyWellness University.
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Treatment of biliary dyskinesia herbs

Biliary dyskinesia - a disorder of the contractile function of the biliary system, mainly gallbladder and extrahepatic bile ducts, leading to disruption of biliary excretion. There are two main types of psoriasis: gipomotornomu (hypokinetic, hypotonic) and gipermotornaya (hyperkinetic, hypertensive).

More common gipomotornaya biliary dyskinesia, in which a decrease in evacuation function of the gallbladder, causing it to stretch and stagnation of bile. Manifested decrease in function of the gallbladder relatively constant moderate pain in the right upper quadrant, is somewhat reduced after meals.

When hypermotor dyskinesia pain in the right upper quadrant intense, are paroxysmal in nature. The occurrence of pain is usually associated with an error in diet, alcohol intake, emotional tension. When the diagnosis is important to establish a form of dyskinesia, as well as to determine the presence or absence of concomitant cholecystitis. Form dyskinesia set based on characteristics of disease manifestations. The important role of ultrasound. Applied also duodenal intubation.
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Intercostal neuralgia - symptoms and treatment at home

With many experienced intercostal neuralgia. Only now, perhaps not everyone knows the name of the phenomenon. It is accompanied by pain, tingling, numbness and burning sensation in the chest and ribs.

Inherently neuralgia intercostal space - a compression or irritation of the nerves, which are arranged in the ribs. It turns out that neuralgia intercostal space is nothing more than your disease of the nervous system, specifically this area of ??the body.

So what is the essence of such a disease? What causes this neuralgia? What are the symptoms of it accompanied and how to treat it at home? About all this now talk to you surely know how to act in a given situation.
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How to prevent a stroke

Every day, we sometimes face a variety of diseases, some of them developed over the years, and some appear instantly, causing irreparable damage to the body. One of the most terrible and sudden illnesses today is a stroke. According to the statistics from this complex and unpredictable disease kills up to 20% of the population. Fortunately, by taking appropriate measures, it can be prevented by strengthening your body and prevent the possibility of a stroke develop. Carrying out simple steps, you can extend your life and not be afraid for the health and well-being.
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Cirrhosis - herbal therapyCirrhosis - herbal therapy. Cirrhosis - a chronic disease that results in a formation of multiple scarring in the liver. As a result, scarring disrupts the function of the body changes its appearance and structure. In cirrhosis, along with the replacement of slowly decaying liver cells with scar tissue and the regeneration occurs. However, the new cells are trapped by scar tissue and therefore can not perform its functions.

Usually observed deformation, wrinkling and seal liver. Such structural changes interfere with the normal blood supply of the liver. Impaired blood flow in the liver leads to stagnation in the vessels of the intestine along its entire length. The two main causes of liver cirrhosis are alcoholism and chronic hepatitis.
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Alzheimer's disease: Where does MEMORY?Alzheimer's disease - causes and treatment are under the scrutiny of scientists for decades. Disease affects nerve cells (neurons) that part of the brain that is responsible for the processing of cognitive information.

What are the reasons for the "epidemic of the XXI century", whether it is amenable to treatment? These issues are devoted to our
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How to get rid of herpes - folk remediesHow to get rid of herpes simple folk remedies. Surely every person at least once in their lives noticed at the occurrence of unpleasant pimples on the edge of the lips, which after some time covered by crust. In people, this disease is called "cold", but in fact, these lesions appear due to the action of the herpes virus, which is a carrier of almost everyone. Treat it quite difficult, so it is important to choose both a safe and effective means. Some folk recipes guaranteed to help get rid of unsightly pimples, we will tell you in this article.
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How to get rid of heel spursHeel spur or, in other words, plantar fasciitis occurs because of abnormal growths of bone tissue in the heel area. The causes that precede it, there are many, but mainly include: flat feet, overweight, various diseases of the joints of legs and metabolic disorders. The main symptom is severe heel spur heel pain that occurs during movement and physical activity.

There are several directions for the treatment of such diseases: drug therapy, physical therapy, physiotherapy, surgical method. In addition, there are a variety of effective folk remedies for heel spurs.
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