How to treat osteoarthritis of the foot

Osteoarthritis - is a progressive disease of the articular device. It is believed due to the degenerative slow and gradual destruction of intra-articular cartilage and ligament apparatus. During osteoarthritis leads to changes in the bones of the joints, which in turn provokes inflammation. Osteoarthritis is a leader on a sustavami.Chem older a person becomes, the more likely to get this unpleasant disease only increases. World statistics results are disappointing data - 10-15% of the population afflicted with this ailment. The disease does not spare neither men nor women.
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Osteochondrosis - disease of the century

One of the most common degenerative lesions of bone tissue, which is considered to be "disease of the century." Changes that occur in this disease: the defeat of the intervertebral discs, ligaments and bone, in most cases lead to disability.

According to the practice, to date, do not suffer from osteoarthritis only grudnichki. More than 50% of the world population is familiar with this disease. At risk are people older than 35 years. The disease is characterized by the slow flow, and it is for this reason that people become aware of its presence after so many years.
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