How to Increase Endorphins Naturally

How would you like to experience a rush of deep happiness? While feeling like this is usually only thought to be achievable through risky decisions like jumping off a cliff or some nefarious-type action like illegal drugs, it doesn’t have to be that way. Intense love is just one way to feel absolutely amazing, though there are certainly other ways to spark the flow of natural endorphins that pump into your blood stream, creating a euphoria-like state.
Endorphins are the natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals released by your brain when you are happy; you feel connected to others and you feel like you could conquer the world.
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Losing Weight / Losing Fat

Fat is stored energy. It’s not evil and it’s not wrong – it is there by design and you will always have some unless you are no longer interested in living. We consume food to live, some of it is used up right away so we can continue thinking and breathing and some of it, whatever is left over, gets stored in the fat cells for later.
Once we hit adulthood the number of fat cells in our bodies remains the same – think of it as “pockets”. We can fill them up or empty them, but we can’t get rid of the pockets themselves – the cells always stay there, they just get bigger or smaller.
Fat is essentially the fuel we use to keep on going when we most need it. Think of the human body as an organic machine that runs on energy, it runs on the food we consume and once there is a shortage, it dives into the reserves in the micro vaults – the fat cells. As you burn it and use it up turning it into energy there is nothing left but the byproduct – carbon dioxide. Yes, you breathe it out.
To force and speed up the process and make our bodies dig into the reserves we have two options: diet and exercise, that’s where “eat less and exercise more” comes from.

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Sofa ABS

At the end of a busy day, all you want is the chance to put work out of your mind, land on the sofa, turn the telly on and ... work your abs. The sofa's your gym. Your body is your equipment. This is the Sofa Abs workout. If you're on the sofa, it's time to work your abs.
Extra Credit: 30 seconds rest between sets.
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5 Easy Yoga Asanas That Will Cure Your Back Pain Quickly

Did you know that the spinal cord is responsible, in some way or the other, to keep the whole body together and healthy? It is the root that strengthens and keeps the body erect. But thanks to our sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles, most of us are stuck with a whole lot of back problems, sciatica included. Being a victim of a weak spine myself, I know how difficult it can be to cope with the pain. What’s more? A bad posture and a paunch.
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Four Different Ways To Burn 700 Calories

What’s so special about the number 700? If you can burn 700 calories a day (keeping all other things equal), you’ll lose one pound of body weight over five days. There are many ways to burn calories, but a workout that burns this many calories is going to be intense — so you’ll want to check with your physician before you start. Don’t be afraid to break the workout into either multiple sessions over a few days. Just keep at it! Here are workouts you can do to burn 700 calories, if you’re up to the challenge.
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How Fit Are You? Check Your Fitness Level With These 4 Simple Tests

Assessing your fitness level isn’t always easy, because “fitness” incorporates many different physical elements, including cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. An excellent basketball player may not be the best long-distance runner, and a wrestler may not necessarily be a great competitive swimmer (or vice versa); yet all four of these athletes would be considered rather fit.
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