Need a more natural alternative to antibiotics? Here are seven powerful essential oils that naturally fight off bacteria.

Many essential oils are powerful enough to fight off infections and kill harmful bacteria, making them a great natural remedy for keeping yourself and your home healthy.

Studies have referred to essential oils as “the new antibiotics,” and show that certain essential oils are just as powerful as OTC medication for treating infections such as bacterial vaginosis (BV), and conditions caused by the staphylococcus bacteria, such as skin infections and urinary tract infections. With antibiotic resistance on the rise, using essential oils to treat bacterial infections may be a healthier, more effective option.

You may have heard about prune juice for babies or older adults, but this purple-colored drink is breaking old stereotypes and gaining a whole new following. Don’t be mistaken, the health benefits of prune juice still include constipation relief, but that is not all it can offer. Made from prunes (also known as dried plums), prune juice is packed full of beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that can support your health from head to toe.

If you are looking for natural ways to support healthy digestion, bone growth, colon function, heart health, and more, then you need to give prune juice a chance. Below, we will explore all the health benefits of prune juice, who should drink it, and how to make your own organic prune juice at home.
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Proteins are known as the building blocks of life: In the body, they break down into amino acids that promote cell growth and repair. (They also take longer to digest than carbohydrates, helping you feel fuller for longer and on fewer calories—a plus for anyone trying to lose weight.) You probably know that animal products—meat, eggs and dairy—are good sources of protein; unfortunately, they can also be high in saturated fat and cholesterol. What you may not know is that you don't need to eat meat or cheese to get enough protein.
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Chlorophyll refers to the phytochemical that gives plants their green color and pigmentation. This chemical is responsible for absorbing solar energy to facilitate photosynthesis, a process in which plants convert energy from sunlight into sugars. You can get chlorophyll from green vegetables or through liquid supplementation purchased from vitamin stores. Chlorophyll provides nutritional benefits to the body and helps keep you healthy.Chlorophyll is linked to natural cancer prevention, blocks carcinogenic effects within the body and protects DNA from damage caused by toxic molds like aflatoxin — very similar to way in which chlorophyll-rich chlorella has anticancer effects.
And that’s just one of the major chlorophyll benefits for human health, all of which help cleanse the body and allow it to function at an optimal level.
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Awareness of the gut microbiota—and its impact on health—has had a profound impact on wellness over the last decade or so. And if you’re like most health-conscience consumers, you’re probably using foods and supplements to support digestion and promote microbial diversity. After all, when it’s all said and done, we all want the friendly microbes in our intestines to thrive and produce healthy benefits.
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Fibroids are an often misunderstood women’s health problem.

They are non-cancerous tumors that appear in and around the uterus, and are responsible for pain, infertility, and in some cases, require a hysterectomy.

While they can sometimes be symptomless, most women will experience discomfort from them at some point, which leads many women to ask if there are natural ways to address them instead of only surgical options.

Some healthy evening snacks, a good book and a mug of hot lemongrass tea! This is what you will look definitely once get addicted to this miracle herb.

Well, lemongrass aroma is enough fine to attract you and make it a part of your daily diet plan! Let us know in detail, lemongrass health benefits if you are not yet familiar.
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Raisins are dried grapes which are liked by children to elders a lot. They are packed with essential nutrients. Here we are going to discuss top 5 raisins health benefits that will insist you to include them in your daily eating stuffs.

Though all grapes are not suitable for making raisins but which are very sweet are only selected. Raisins are rich source of Minerals, Carbohydrates and Vitamins. Raisins have 6 to 8 times more sugar than grapes and it is of superior quality. Its major portion is formed by Glucose and Fruit Sugar so they are healthy and can be consumed freely. There is no limitations until you have some underlying health condition where they are not advised.
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The statistics say that one in five people older than 70 suffers from cognitive impairment, which can progress to dementia and death in almost 50% of those people in five years. Because of that the older people should pay attention to that phenomenon and do the best to prevent these issues.
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