10 Healthy Juices For Fighting Cancer

The word ‘cancer’ strikes terror in our hearts, doesn’t it? Well, you can overcome your fears by following a healthy lifestyle and more importantly, a healthy diet. Read on to know how drinking fresh and organic fruit juices may help keep cancer at bay!

Cancer is a deadly disease. People suffering from cancer go through an agony like no other. The treatment plan for cancer involves procedures like chemotherapy and radiation-both of which are tough on the body. When it comes to cancer, prevention is definitely the best way forward. One of the best cancer prevention methods is drinking fruit and vegetable juices.

Fresh juice is loaded with cancer fighting phytochemicals and vitamins, which are easily absorbed by the body, and helps to fight cancer. Rebuilding damaged cancer cells through nutritional juice therapy is extremely effective and a much better alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and other toxic drugs. Here are 10 juices, which can help you prevent and fight cancer:
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5 Effective Home Remedies For Sepsis

Have you ever thought that there could be home remedies for treating a serious illness, especially one that requires immediate medical intervention and has fatal consequences? The serious illness we are talking about is sepsis, which is also called blood poisoning – and if you are suffering from this dangerous condition, then you definitely must read this post.

Here we talk about effective home remedies that can help treat sepsis. Would you like to know more? Please read on.
18 Ways To Sneak More Plants Into Your Diet

It doesn't matter what food philosophy you follow, whether WFPB (whole-food plant-based), ketogenic, Bulletproof, LCHF (low-carb high-fat), WSHL (whole-starch low-fat), paleo, or Mediterranean—the centerpiece of all diets promoting health unite at recommending eating a large amount of plants.

Even the USDA MyPlate and the better version from the Harvard School of Public Health have at least 50 percent of every meal coming from vegetables and fruits. So how is the American public doing at meeting the targets for plant food intake? Miserably. In a survey by the American Heart Association, under 1 percent of children achieve a healthy eating pattern and the number for adults was a shocking 1.5 percent. To win the war on chronic diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and dementia, all nutrition camps must join hands to teach practical ways to get more plant-based meals and snacks into our routines. Here are 18 ways to get more fruits and vegetables:
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Detoxifying Tea Blends For Healthy Skin, Digestion & Energy

By now we know that a cup of tea provides far more benefits than simply warming the soul. Made into brews, tonics, and even lattes, our teas have become vehicles for potent remedies for nearly every complaint or imbalance.

Our daily brews and potions provide endless reward for what ails us at the moment and often far beyond. These combinations are no exception. Using multipurpose adaptogenic, energizing, and cleansing herbs, these blends promote digestion while also supplying a dose of caffeine-free energy and skin-soothing nutrition.
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Herbal Treatment for Sore Eyes

Dry, red, itchy, watery eyes can be caused by allergies, the common cold, dust and dry air. Herbal treatments have been used for centuries to treat these symptoms and there is considerable empirical evidence for their usefulness and safety. Many of the herbs commonly used for allergic eye symptoms are also foods. Some traditional herbs like witch hazel can be found in commercial eye drops.
7 Reasons To Enjoy Turmeric For A Natural Health Boost

Originating from the Curcuma plant, turmeric is a common spice found in most kitchens. Deep golden in color, you will most likely know it for its spiciness and use in dishes such as curry.

Apart from being used in food, Chinese and Indian cultures use turmeric medicinally. As a medicine, turmeric is best taken in its pure form, rather than as a component of a spice blend.

In comparison, the Western world has been slow to notice the health benefits of turmeric. But we are catching on and starting to enjoy the many health benefits it can provide.

Below is a list of the impressive health benefits turmeric offers, some of which I’m sure will surprise you.
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What to Eat for a Stronger Immune System

The right foods can prevent you from getting sick and help you recover quicker if you do fall ill. Here's how to build a strong immune system and help your body fight off the bad guys.

You got sneezed on in the subway. Coughed on in the coffee shop. Your colleagues keep coming to work when they should be calling in sick. And your kids are bringing home illnesses you never even heard of. How the heck are you supposed to stay healthy?

It might seem like seasonal illness is out of your control. And, yeah, sometimes, sick happens. But you have more power than you think.

Your immune system is an incredible thing. The bacteria in your gut is actually a powerful army willing to fight on your behalf, but only if you feed them properly. And if you do get sick, certain foods can help you recover quicker. What you eat today can determine whether or not you get sick tomorrow.
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Bloody Nasal Discharge and Sinusitis Symptoms

Sinusitis describes inflammation of lining of the sinuses, air-filled spaces in the facial bones around the nose and eyes. Thirty million cases of sinusitis are diagnosed annually in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A viral infection is the culprit in 90 to 98 percent of acute sinusitis cases -- those lasting less than 4 weeks. Bacterial infection develops in no more than 2 percent of cases. Chronic sinusitis, lasting 12 weeks or longer, is rarely due to an infection. Your symptoms and their timing help point to the correct diagnosis, whether its sinusitis or another condition affecting your sinuses.
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10 Best Herbs that Improve Your Health

Herbs are used in different cuisines to add flavor to a dish without calories. At the same time, herbs provide many health benefits.

In fact, herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat different ailments. The healing and restorative powers of various herbs are pretty impressive and well recognized by experts.

Today, modern science is beginning to uncover the ultimate medicinal power of different herbs as effective weapons against illnesses from common health problems to cancer. This is why herbs, both fresh and dried, are readily available in the market.

Some popular herbs are also available in capsule, oil or extract form.
Top 10 Vitamins for Women

Today’s women are health-conscious and prefer to follow a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet plan is one that includes the right combination of vitamins. Women of every age, weight and activity level need to consume a wide variety of vitamins to have optimal health and prevent different types of health problems.

Vitamins are organic compounds that help different parts of the body function properly. Each of the different vitamins performs a specific function. A deficiency of needed vitamins can contribute to some serious health problems. This is why it is essential to get vitamins from the foods you eat or, if necessary, from vitamin supplements.

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