Recipes of longevity of Tibetan monksImmortality ... Perhaps this dream of mankind in its history. Unfortunately, the legend of the eternally living Gorce and remains a legend - there is no evidence of a single case of such a long life, but that does not mean that our control time! We are able to prolong their lives to be a hundred or more years while remaining in good health and a clear mind. The unique recipe for longevity known Tibetan elders
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Tibetan cleansing breathMan practicing breathing, whether a beginner or already experienced in this, not always easy to enter into a state of meditation, because emotions and thoughts prevent this.
There could be many reasons - a difficult period in his life, unpleasant circumstances and so forth.
We offer methods that allow you to more easily prepare and configure itself for the upcoming effective meditation.
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Hormones harmony of body and soulScience knows the biggest 200 of hormones and hormone-like substances (consider that there are about thousands of them) that can determine our health, behavior, to regulate the activities of an agency to manage metabolic processes - in short, to create harmony of body and soul.
These microscopically small biochemical substances are very important for the senses.
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5 Tibetan recipes health

Eastern medicine is so diverse and at the same time simple and efficient that in one article at least briefly tell us about all the possibilities it is simply impossible.
But some tips are readily available on the page of this site.
Perhaps, dear reader, some of which are already known to you. In this case, let them remind you of maintaining your health!
Read and most importantly - do it!
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Eye pressure - a common symptom in patients aged over 40 years, doctors ophthalmologists insist on regular inspections of every person to prevent disease progression. Timely monitoring and prevention helps prevent even the appearance of the first signs. Especially dangerous is the state continuously high blood pressure, which leads to glaucoma.
As a result normal eye pressure

Minor changes in visual acuity, unpleasant sensations in the eyes, recurrent headaches, may be the first signs of the disease. Eye pressure may increase in consequence of the disease, as a concomitant symptom of other diagnoses or treatment of medical drugs. Traditional recipes from the disease will assist in the timely prevention without side effects for the body, and in maintaining healthy vision.
How to get rid of herpes - folk remediesHow to get rid of herpes simple folk remedies. Surely every person at least once in their lives noticed at the occurrence of unpleasant pimples on the edge of the lips, which after some time covered by crust. In people, this disease is called "cold", but in fact, these lesions appear due to the action of the herpes virus, which is a carrier of almost everyone. Treat it quite difficult, so it is important to choose both a safe and effective means. Some folk recipes guaranteed to help get rid of unsightly pimples, we will tell you in this article.
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High immunity - this is an excellent state of health, protection against a variety of diseases ranging from flu, fungal infections and oncology ending. Cruciferous vegetables in the structure have sulfur compounds (they are responsible for the sharp taste). Once in the body with food, sulfur-containing compounds during the chemical reactions, are converted to isothiocyanates. These compounds help protect the body from cancer cells and possess immunomodulatory capabilities.
Vegetables and fruits are useful for immunity
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How to get rid of heel spursHeel spur or, in other words, plantar fasciitis occurs because of abnormal growths of bone tissue in the heel area. The causes that precede it, there are many, but mainly include: flat feet, overweight, various diseases of the joints of legs and metabolic disorders. The main symptom is severe heel spur heel pain that occurs during movement and physical activity.

There are several directions for the treatment of such diseases: drug therapy, physical therapy, physiotherapy, surgical method. In addition, there are a variety of effective folk remedies for heel spurs.
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How to treat osteoarthritis of the foot

Osteoarthritis - is a progressive disease of the articular device. It is believed due to the degenerative slow and gradual destruction of intra-articular cartilage and ligament apparatus. During osteoarthritis leads to changes in the bones of the joints, which in turn provokes inflammation. Osteoarthritis is a leader on a sustavami.Chem older a person becomes, the more likely to get this unpleasant disease only increases. World statistics results are disappointing data - 10-15% of the population afflicted with this ailment. The disease does not spare neither men nor women.
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