How to overcome insomnia - Proven Ways

The ancients believed the lack of sleep one of the worst punishments that nature punishes human. Without proper rest is not possible to work effectively, it is hard to concentrate, hard to fully enjoy your free time. Therefore it is necessary to know how to deal with insomnia at home.

Insomnia can be caused by various diseases, overwork, stress, failures in the mode of the day. In chronic diseases do without expert advice and medication is unlikely to succeed, but if the main reason for psychosomatic, that deal with sleep disorders to help folk remedies for insomnia.
Seven of folk remedies for colds

Runny nose, cough, fever and general weakness we all used to call the common cold.
There are no special medicines for colds usually do not write - yes, and they do not exist, at best, the doctor will advise alleviate the symptoms with drugs based on paracetamol - a main component of various "Coldrex" and "Fervex." It is believed that the cold itself will take place, it is only necessary to rest in bed at home.