Vitamins in the dog's diet

Vitamin A (retinol) dogs needed to maintain a normal body tissues, it ensures normal growth, vision, reproduction. With a lack of vitamin A in the diet is intense cornification (keratinization) of epithelial tissue of the digestive, respiratory and genital tract in females. Reduced resistance to infectious diseases of dogs (avitaminoznye dogs are the most susceptible to it). The defeat of the epithelium of the lacrimal glands leads to dry eye cornea (xerophthalmia appears) and reduces the regeneration of visual purple of the retina. At A-avitaminoznyh dogs often observed violation of the function of reproduction: in males sterility in females - in violation of the sexual cycle, poor fertility, birth of weak offspring.
The optimum requirement for vitamin A in adult dogs is 100 IU (international units per gram), in young animals - 200 IU per 1 kg of body weight. And at least one-third of the needs to be satisfied at the expense of the vitamin, two-thirds - due to its provitamin - carotene (1 IU corresponds to 0.3 mg of pure vitamin A or carotene 2 mg). Vitamin A lot of the liver, fish oil, vitamin A in plant feed available. A lot of carotene in carrots, spinach, nettles.
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A false to intrafamilial (pregnancy)

False pregnancy - is not a disease. This condition can be described as "physiological pseudopregnancy" because periodically every non-pregnant females in varying degrees, there are characteristic symptoms. There is a theory according to which the false pregnancy of dogs is a primitive way to feed the other bitches puppies this dog pack, if estrus occurs at them only once a year.
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Dogs medium breeds

Dogs medium breeds are considered universal. Compact dimensions allow the animals have these dogs in the apartment and on the street.

  Most species easy to get along with the kids, they are friendly to kids. In addition, the child a dog is easy to raise your hands without fear of damage, and can even walk on their own on a leash. They just two walks daily for the maintenance of tone.
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We love them so that they are ready to remove them without a murmur trays, clean the cells, to spend money on food, toys, shampoos, fillings, vaccinations and daily cleaned clothes from wool.

And we believe that the love and pleasure of communicating that we receive in return are worth the effort. Moreover - pets can benefit our health. Properly selected the favorite can lower blood pressure, soothe stress and even treat headaches and other ailments. And scientists say that the more you are attached to your animal, the more health benefits are getting in return.
But, of course, not all animals can be pets. Many small animals, even domesticated for a long time, with permanent residence with them can cause health damage and even be the cause of serious diseases.
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Some animals eat everything indiscriminately. But overfeed animals is not the biggest danger. We, the owners, it is necessary to be extremely careful and attentive to hastily eaten was not dangerous to the animal product and not become prichny complex disease, and sometimes death of a pet.[center]
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How can I keep chinchillas at home?

In many homes and apartments live cute, small rodents - chinchilla. They are of two species: short-tailed and long. Do chinchillas very nice, thick and soft wool, the color can be white, black or blue-gray. Grow chinchilla to 30 cm. If the animal to treat, it can live up to twenty years. Then you will be able to learn the basic guidelines for the care and feeding of chinchillas to your pet lived with you for a long and happy life.
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Molting ANIMALS SPRING: How to help pets

Molting in animals - a period when the old hair is replaced with a new one. If the pet has started to fade, then it has several causes. For example, lack of vitamins, age or change of seasons. Seasonal shedding is held twice a year - in spring and autumn. In the spring of the animal is replaced by the scalp, simultaneously with desquamation of the epidermis. During molting pet may become irritable and restless, which means that an animal needs help.
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Vaccines for pets

What infectious diseases such as parvovirus enteritis, adenoviroz (infectious hepatitis), plague, leptospirosis, rabies, parainfluenza, they are very dangerous, even deadly diseases. Separate from the list of diseases (leptospirosis and rabies) and even dangerous to humans. necessary to carry out the so-called vaccinations or inoculations beloved pet to save the life and health.
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HOW TO ENTER THE CURE animal at home

With the development of pharmacology number of drugs is constantly growing. For the animals, as well as for people who are constantly developing new, but the price for such medicines bite. Therefore, many for the treatment of their pets using traditional medicines. But no matter what the drug does not use animals, as a rule, they do not want to take them.
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