Folk remedies in inflammation of the gums.

Gums can become inflamed very often with a shortage of vitamin C. Sometimes the cause of inflammation are medications that cause bleeding and swelling of the gums. Therefore, before applying the medication is best to consult with your doctor. However, in most cases, inflammation of the gums caused by bacteria.

Symptoms of gum disease:

? Redness, swelling, and bleeding gums.

? Possible itching and soreness of the gums when eating.

? The appearance of pain when exposed to thermal and chemical stimuli

In the morning drink carrot or cabbage juice. Be sure to include in your diet sauerkraut. It relieves inflammation of the gums. This cabbage is better to chew. So you create a burden for the teeth and gums.
Cleansing the blood of folk remedies

Cleansing the blood of folk remedies is often even more effective than the same procedure is conducted with the help of laser systems. Traditional medicine has a much bigger story than the classical medicine. And that is, in fact, the classical medicine? It is the continuation of the experiments initiated once Paracelsus and Avicenna,
who were more supporters of traditional medicine - herbs, extracts, massage and even such unusual type of treatment, as the treatment of metals. In ancient times we knew much that it is now forgotten, and did not argue with the obvious facts.
How to treat prostatitis in men - People's treatment of prostatitis at home

Treatment of prostatitis in men folk remedies very effectively. The main thing is to cure prostatitis at home, it is necessary to have sufficient willpower and not to leave the treatment after 3-4 days. Each People's recipe is designed for at least 20 days. A means such as a decoction of the root or seeds of parsley, vegetable juices, infusion of garlic, honey products designed for longer periods. But they will not only help cure the prostatitis, but will put in order the whole body: parsley dissolves kidney stones and salt deposits in the joints, garlic - cleans the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, honey and pollen prevent heart disease. Therefore, these folk remedies can be used for life with great health benefits - will live disease-free up to 100 years.
Folk remedies for insomnia

Complaints of restless sleep, frequent interruption of his, early awakening, lack of feeling of relaxation - the typical symptoms of insomnia. This disease may be a manifestation of mental disorder, so the choice of methods of treatment must be approached very seriously. An effective and safe way to get rid of insomnia is the use of the popular methods that complement the treatment drugs. The use of traditional medicine is always necessary to agree with the doctor.

Scientific studies have shown that about 10% of the population suffer from one or other sleep disorders. These figures are rising every year.
Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment folk remedies

Although modern medicine in recent decades has made a huge leap forward in its development, but it remains a disease that cure even the doctors can not do. Rheumatoid arthritis is related to diseases, so if a person is suffering from such a disease, should pay attention to folk remedies. They are aimed at containing the disease, elimination of unpleasant symptoms and prevention of acute relapses.
Herbal treatment of cancer. Application method Essiac

This article will discuss practical steps for the use of Essiac methods and limits are herbal treatment of cancer because of this.

  According to the most well-known suppliers versions of the formula (I remind you that Ren? Kaysse not voiced publicly the details of your claims), "all four members of the herb formula normalize the processes in the body by the blood purification system and an effective stimulation of cell recovery. Combined individual beneficial effects are included in the formula of herbs is synergistically enhanced. "
Herbal treatment of cancer. Methods Essiac

I want to draw your attention on another method of section herbal treatment of cancer, which was developed by a Canadian nurse Rene Kaysse (Ren?e Caisse (1888-1978)) at the beginning of the last century. The technique was named by Caisse Essiac names written on the contrary. Translation is not and can not, so I will just refer to this name. Especially since this name appears in the scientific literature.
Herbal treatment of cancer. Echinacea and Oncology

Speaking about the herbal treatment of cancer, it should be mentioned is known as the plant Echinacea, Echinacea and oncology and combine well in terms of impact. Echinacea is a flowering herb that comes from the daisy family. One of the most common types of Echinacea is Echinacea purpurea. These herbs grow in the eastern and central parts of North America and it is believed that they have a number of positive therapeutic effects.