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» Masked Hypertension

Masked Hypertension

An Overview On Masked Hypertension (MH): Know The Mask Before You Uncover It!

Masked hypertension is also known as MH in short and is the clinical condition in a person where his blood pressure shows much lower in the doctor’s office under regular measuring clinical equipments than the actual measurements that is shown at home. Here patients may show a blood pressure count of 140/90 mm at the doctor’s place while it is at a much hypertensive state at home in real. This kind of masked level of high blood pressure is called as masked hypertension. There are a lot of reasons behind such a kind of masked show in the blood pressure which are worth studying. Such kind of condition in a patient may lead to serious dangers like the severe strokes, causing the sudden death. All that can be done to prevent self in such a kind of masked hypertensive condition is measuring the blood pressure on self with the help of self checking blood pressure measuring equipment on a regular basis and going for a proper patient management so as to get the high blood pressure normal or under control.

Know The Difference Between Masked Hypertension (MH) And White Coat Hypertension:

There are two conditions in hypertension, where you do not get the exact blood pressure level or where the blood pressure is masked. There are conditions where your blood pressure is measured pretty lower at doctor’s cabin than the real blood pressure at home; which is termed as Masked Hypertension (MH). There are also conditions where the blood pressure at doctor’s office is found to me more than the blood pressure at home. Such a condition is termed as White-coat hypertension and is caused if there is a more of stress in the doctor’s place or may be due to any fault in home measurements.

Various Causes For The Masked Hypertension (MH): Reasons Behind The Growth Of Mask!

“There is always a reason behind the mask!” Now coming down to the reasons behind the masked hypertension or the causes that relates to the masked hypertensive conditions. Let us make a list on some of the important causes for Masked Hypertension (MH).
Certain behavior factors in the people like the sedentary habits; may lead to masked hypertension.
Masked tension is also related to the unhealthy lifestyle like the addictions of nicotine, alcohol, etc. can lead to masked hypertension.
In case of women, use of excessive contraceptive pills influences the Masked Hypertension.
Other disease conditions in people like other cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases etc. may cause the masked hypertension in patients.

How To Identify The Patients With Masked Hypertension (MH): Unmask The Mask!

Not everyone can identify the mask, not every process of identification works perfect. But there are certain tricks that help you unmask the real face beyond the mask!” There are some tools used for identifying the masked hypertensive conditions in patient. Out of these, there are two most important tools that help in proper diagnosis of Masked Hypertension (MH). ABPM or the Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and the HBP or Home blood pressure monitoring are the two crucial ways one can measure the actual blood pressure and know about the mask hypertensive state of blood pressure in a person.
It is always necessary to go for ABPM or Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and HBP Home blood pressure monitoring very often, in case you are with a risk of any other cardiovascular disease or in case you are obese or overweight. However, these diagnostic methods must also be performed in patients with diabetes and kidney diseases or also in the patient who have the blood pressure issue. Both these blood pressure measuring methods are effective and have their own technical differences. However, in case of the treated Masked Hypertension (MH) patients, it has been found a home blood pressure monitoring is more effective than the Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
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