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» » How to lose weight and do not spoil the breast: 6 life hacking, which work

How to lose weight and do not spoil the breast: 6 life hacking, which work

How to lose weight and do not spoil the breast: 6 life hacking, which work

Breast form depends on many factors, but primarily on the strength and elasticity of the capsule of connective tissue. Undoubtedly, much depends on genetics. In women, at a rate of one cup proportion of mammary glands and fat can be totally different.

Those lucky who bust mainly consists of glands - less susceptible to loss as a result of breast weight reduction. But basically, if you lose weight - your breasts reduced. Miracles do not happen.

Dont be upset. If you follow a few rules, you can significantly reduce the loss.

Never sharply grow thin, only gradually. Even with a low-fat diet in a diet must be polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), omega-3 and linseed oil. This will help maintain skin elasticity and firmness.

Pay attention to your posture. Holding back even decorate your shape and trains the muscles that support your breasts.

Be sure to do special exercises for the muscles that support the bust. Even if you do not exercise, scroll to 15-20 minutes a day for special exercises, then to not be disappointed, reaching the cherished weight figures.

To look beautiful chest, you need to do push-ups. While it is essential to push the hands slightly wider than shoulder level. It is advisable to do push-ups on the different levels of the surface: the floor, table, wall. So you engage different muscle groups that support the breasts.

Here is another exercise that will help to lift the chest. Fold the palms in front of chest, as in prayer, and squeeze to force his hands 30-50 times.

While exercising, always use a special sports bra made of elastic fabric.

Tip for lactating mothers. During feeding, do not pull the breast to the baby, raise a child up to the desired level, for the convenience of underlay cushion to be comfortable and not hard to keep. So you save the shape of the breast and not provoke unnecessary stretching.

Reaching cherished forms, if you are still left "a little bust", then use corrective underwear.
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