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Diet after 40 years

Features weight loss for women over the age of 40 years

This diet is based on proper nutrition, consisting of a large number of dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins, but with a minimal amount of fat and calories.

The problem of excess weight at the age of 40 years are facing both women and men. This is due to the fact that since the beginning of the age of forty in the human body, the following changes:

Reduced metabolism, increase fat cells is reduced lean body mass;
Hormonal changes cause the process of slowing down metabolism;
Fluctuations in hormonal levels significantly increase the level of cholesterol and blood pressure;
There is a risk for osteoporosis due to leaching of calcium from bone.
In order to reduce and stabilize weight and to improve the health and recovery of the body need to radically rethink the diet. Diet after 40 years, it is aimed not only weight loss, but also to further training to the proper daily diet.

Diet menu after 40 years consists of the following mandatory food:

Fruits, berries, vegetables - sources of vitamins, dietary fiber, fiber, minerals and natural antioxidants. These low-calorie healthy foods improve the functioning of intestinal peristalsis, cleanse the body of harmful compounds, strengthen the immune system and give a long a feeling of satiety. Among the most recommended vegetables - cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, herbs and fruits - cherries, apples, citrus fruits;
Whole grains - brown rice, oat flakes, wheat, corn and buckwheat, barley. Dishes from whole grains stimulate the bowel, saturate the body with vitamins E and B complex;
Legumes - a source of complex carbohydrates and fiber. They are able to stabilize the level of insulin in the blood glucose;
Walnuts, almonds - sources of calcium, vitamin E, C, A, and iron.
Lactic fat products (cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir, yogurt), and low-fat meat - sources of protein and calcium. These products strengthen muscles and bones, and promote weight loss in the waist;
Fish, olive and flaxseed oil - sources of essential omega - acids and iodine.
Are subject to significant restrictions potatoes, semi-finished products, flour products, pasta, mayonnaise, salty foods, soda, alcohol, coffee and sugar.

The main rules of diet after 40 years:

Eating should be frequent but small portions (200 - 250 gr., Or 8-12 v. Tablespoons), preferably every 2 or 3 hours;
Do not use additional means for weight loss;
You must stick to your daily fluid intake - 2 L .;
Dinner should be light, but early (19.00);
It is recommended to enter into the daily life feasible exercise.
Strict contraindications and disadvantages of diet program after forty is not.

Diet for weight loss for women and men after 40 years: a rough menu
Diet after 40 years

Diet for women after forty

Thanks correctness of the dietetic food for the women the age of forty, you can achieve the following positive effects:

Weight effectively decrease about 5 kg for 12 days;
The skin will gain smoothness and elasticity;
Reduce the risk of sagging and drying of the skin.
Sample menu diet for four days after forty:

Day 1

Breakfast: carrot juice, cottage cheese with herbs;
Lunch: plum 4 pcs .;
Dinner: lenten soup, yogurt, broccoli salad with tomato;
Afternoon snack: fruit yogurt with walnuts;
Dinner: boiled rice, a piece of fish, a salad of tomato, radish, cheese with linseed oil, chamomile tea;
At night: yogurt diet.
Day 2

Breakfast: mashed potatoes with stewed cabbage and carrots, cucumber, yogurt;
Lunch: citrus to choose from;
Lunch: beetroot soup with chicken broth, carrot fresh salad with olive oil, low-fat milk with cereals;
Afternoon snack: apple - mashed banana juice of half a lemon;
Dinner: cabbage braised cabbage with grated carrots and rice in cream, milk;
At night: a decoction of mint and honey.
Day 3

Breakfast: vinaigrette, egg, milk - banana cocktail;
Lunch: salad of cucumber and cauliflower;
Dinner: Steam broccoli with fish, vegetable salad, apple - carrot drink with cinnamon;
Lunch: salad: peach, apple, nectarine, finely chopped and flavored yogurt diet;
Dinner: stewed beef slices with sour cream, vegetable salad, orange juice;
At night: little cherry.
Day 4

Breakfast: ginger drink with honey, plastic cheese, porridge on the water (oatmeal, dried fruit);
Lunch: cheese with apricots and yogurt;
Lunch: cucumber salad, tomatoes stuffed with lean beef, ginger tea;
Dinner: vegetable casserole, seaweed, orange compote;
At night: a small handful of almonds.
Diet for men after 40 years

Many men after forty years of experience as a major inconvenience of being overweight. In addition, with the growth of extra kilos they have increased health problems - shortness of breath, cardio - vascular diseases and others. Decision starting problems is proper diet that includes dairy products, vegetables, lean meats, fruits and fish.

Recommended estimated daily diet menu for men:

Morning: savory oat cereal, a couple of boiled eggs, fruit juice;
Lunch: Cereal yogurt, vegetable salad;
Lunch: boiled potatoes with beans, fish, vegetable drink;
Lunch: a piece of dark chocolate, tea with honey;
Dinner: cauliflower or cabbage, stewed with lean beef, whole wheat bread, fruit compote. 

Results, opinions and recommendations lost weight doctors about nutrition after 40 years

Diet results after 40 - weight loss 10-14 days under 5 kg. Repeated use of it possible in a few months. For further stable weight maintenance should take into account advice of nutritionists, how to eat after 40 years in order not to gain weight and maintain health:

Strictly control the snacks;
Give preference to low-calorie, useful and healthy food;
Limit fatty, flour, fried and confectionery;
Eat plenty of fluids;
Three times a week included in the schedule feasible exercise or every morning start with a five-minute charge.
Reviews of the diet lost weight after 40 among men and women is very positive. They believe that the system power is varied, nutritious and easy to carry. Nutritionists also expressed approval of the diet to the age of forty, because it includes those products that are really able to reduce the weight, to stop the aging process, cleanse, heal and rejuvenate the body.
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