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» » Skim milk controls blood pressure and improves heart health

Skim milk controls blood pressure and improves heart health

This is one of the most popular types of milk which are found on the market but many people do not know that it has many health benefits. This type of milk is quite simply low – fat and lower calorie version on the traditional full – fat milk. Many people think that the skim milk is watered down, but it is not and it has the majority of nutrients which are found in the regular milk. The skim milk lack some of the flavors of the whole milk but this type of milk can be very important alternative for people have problems with the obesity. The majority of the low – fat milk is fortified with Vitamin D and Vitamin A because these fat – soluble vitamins are often lost when the fat is extracted from the whole milk. In the past, this type of milk was made by allowing the regular milk to sit and separate which was allowing the high – fat cream to rise to the top and from there they could be skimmed off the top and removed. Nowadays, this type of milk is typically made through a process of centrifugal separation in which most or all of the fat molecules are separated from the remainder of the milk.

Then, this milk is homogenized which is preventing any additional separation between the molecules because they are all made of the same size. In many cases the low – fat milk is fortified with Vitamin D and Vitamin A but the synthetic vitamins are not always as readily as absorbed by our bodies which mean that you maybe will not get the full benefit of these vitamins when you choose skin milk over the whole milk. It is known fact that the glycemic index of the skim milk is higher than the whole fat milk, as the saturated fat can have a stabilizing effect on our blood sugar and the entirety of carbohydrates which are found in this milk come from the sugar (lactose). People, who suffer from diabetes, who use skim milk can cause them to have less control over their blood sugar levels. One of the best abilities which posses the whole milk is to satiate your hunger because it has fat content. The skim milk is low – fat milk which is unable to quell your hunger pangs and this could lead to overeat or to eat less healthy snacks.

Health benefits of skim milk

Promotes growth: The low – fat milk has a good amount of protein which can help for the proper growth and development of the tissues, cells, muscles and bones. Protein is element which can be obtained when we are drinking milk. There was one study in which is shown that the protein which is component of the skim milk can build muscle faster than the soy milk. Also it has casein which is a protein that is more easily digested. Also we know that amino acids are good for the muscle formation.

Improves muscle function: Skim milk has high amounts of calcium which is integral to muscle and overall nervous system function. We know that this critical electrolyte level must be maintained in our bodies for the normal activity.

Controls blood pressure: Skim milk has a good amount of potassium which can help to control the blood pressure by relieving the tension and strain in the arteries and blood vessels.

Weight loss: This type of milk has roughly the half of the calories of whole milk. Because this milk has low calorie content, this can be used for dieting. People, who are trying to watch their overall calorie intake, can use skim milk because it can help them with the weight loss efforts. It is known fact that the skim milk has 71 calories in one glass. The fresh milk has almost two – fold calories, 160 calories.

Bone mineral density: The rich density of minerals is ideal for boosting the strength of your bones and also it can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis at a young age and also it can help you to feel strong as you are getting older.

Improves heart health: Skim milk has lack of cholesterol levels which means that it can lower your risk of atherosclerosis and also it can protect you against other cardiovascular problems such as strokes and heart attacks. This is possible because the skim milk has no content of cream or very little when it is compared to other types of milk.
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