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» » Yogi Diet: minus 7 kg per month and complete cleansing of the body

Yogi Diet: minus 7 kg per month and complete cleansing of the body

The basic principles of the Yogi power

The utility serves not only depends on the freshness of products and the method of preparation. Of particular importance is the fact, in what mood you are and what ideas are cooking food. At Yogi is such a thing as prana. It represents the psychic energy of man. It is believed that if the food will cook man who knows how to control that energy in itself, it is not important nor freshness, nor the degree of harm to the body. Prana appeared as a result of interaction between man and product. Of course, this does not mean that yoga would have fed you with something bad. Yogi Diet consists of only fresh and healthy products, which gives them strength. These people can meditate even when engaged in cooking. Therefore, the food prepared by them have excellent taste and is only charged with positive energy.
And food and water, which enters the body, it is necessary to experience. Yogis believe that if you do not chew food more than 40 times, you will not get any benefit from it, as the energy contained in it, will never be able to escape. It sounds very strange, but really there are people who believe in such things, and observe this rule.
Never pay attention to the rules of the organization feeding regime, which were invented by whom is unclear. It is necessary to eat only when you feel real hunger, not just need something to chew constantly. Yoga eat only twice a day, but, nevertheless, they are full of strength and energy to lead a normal life.
Yogi Diet does not recognize the use in animal food. They are supporters of the philosophy, which refers to the fact that you can not harm the living. It is believed that meat is harmful to humans and everyone who wants to lose weight and be healthy, should abandon it. This applies not only to meat, but also to other products of animal origin other than milk and honey.
So yoga argue their position regarding the meat:

-it is very toxic, in fact able to preserve the memory of the murder of the moment;
-human consciousness needs only pure products, and animals often feed on plants with poisonous chemicals or other harmful food, so -their meat can not be eaten;
-meat entering the human body begins to rot that poisons him;
-after the meat in the body are purines, which, according to yoga, make a person angry and nervous;
-a person who eats meat, quickly grow old.
Recommendations regarding the selection of food


It is forbidden to eat not just animal fat, but in general any fat. They only destroy the human body and become agents of various diseases. People who consume fatty foods, often with age developing atherosclerosis, disturbed the work of the liver and gallbladder.

Sweet and salty food

Encouraged the consumption of fruits, berries, honey and dried fruits. If you have to diet yogis often ate sweets at once completely abandon them will not work. Every day, eat less and they do not sit on a diet, unless you are convinced that the craving for sweets is controlled.

Do not recognize yoga not only sugar, but also salt. They are excluded from the oral food garlic and any food with him. Even for colds yogis do not eat it, but just make garlic tincture, which then treated.

Yogi Diet: minus 7 kg per month and complete cleansing of the body

Alcohol, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and carbonated drinks can not drink. It is believed that each of these drinks is contraindicated in person. People use them because they think, if they are able to add energy to cheer and excite the body. And, at first, what happens, but soon you will feel fatigue, drowsiness and fatigue. The source of the power of yogis are not drinks, and special exercises, meditation and breathing exercises.


Yoga is not used in the food, as part of what has yeast. If yogis diet has attracted your attention and you want to try to lose weight with it, you should know that you have to give up breads, pastries and more. There is a special Indian bread, which is very popular not only among the people of India, but also in our country. This bread is very thin flat bread from wheat flour. It consists of no yeast.

What can you eat a diet of yogis?

Certain menu is not here. You just have to choose from the list of permitted products the ones that appeal to you to taste and eat them throughout the day. You can eat twice a day, but the first few weeks can eat three times a day with no snacks, so that the body was not of great stress, when you go on two meals a day.
Yogi Diet: minus 7 kg per month and complete cleansing of the body

You can have the following:
-porridge of buckwheat, oat and millet;
-dried fruits;
Vegetables allowed readability minimally processed, but, indeed, quite minimal to preserve vitamins and other necessary components. Try a diet of yogis on itself and perhaps, this power so you enjoy the system that you want to stick to it consistently.
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