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» » Diet geisha: 3 secret ideal figure of Japanese beauties

Diet geisha: 3 secret ideal figure of Japanese beauties

How to prepare for a diet of a Geisha

Do not sit on a diet drastically. Especially if you recently themselves do not restrict food. The body should be prepared as rigid diet and this can adversely affect your health. Prepare yourself for a week you need to geisha diet. 7 days you should eat only plant-dairy foods. Because the diet is necessary to completely eliminate meat products. Day after day, reduce the amount of sugar and salt you consumed. Stop eating any bread and pastries.

Weight of food you eat at a time, should not exceed 200 grams. You must divide the day from 5 meals. Do not forget to drink lots of water.

The rules to be followed, sitting on a diet of geisha

1.Diet is that your diet will include only three products. This figure different types of green tea and milk. You can still drink water, of course. Any dressing for rice is excluded. Sauces, Canned make rice more delicious, but the essence lies in the fact that during the diet eat only the three products listed above. If you think that you can not observe this rule, which is the most basic, it is best to pick up for yourself is not such a strict diet. Ignoring this rule, you will not get the result that expect.

2.The duration of the diet only 5 days. Why so few? And because it belongs to the category of strict diets and if you sit on it for more than 5 days without a break, you can earn serious health problems. In particular, problems with the stomach and intestines. Every 5 days of the diet should be done a week break, during which you will not stick to a strict diet.

3.As much as it may sound utopian, but in five days diet geisha may lose about 4-7 kgs. Basically, the first entry is lost somewhat more than in the second. This means that you would be better to first try to take diet seriously, if you do so the result is important.

4.The amount of water that is allowed to drink during the day, a diet for geisha can vary 2-5 glasses. If you are thirsty, you drink green tea or milk.

5.Do not forget that the rice should be salty. Yes, at first it may seem disgusting, but on the second day you get used to this taste of the rice, and in subsequent approaches diet you have and focus will not be on it to pay as just forget that the figure may have some other taste. Tea drink without sugar. It is forbidden to drink alcohol and carbonated drinks.

6.If the rice is too dry and you have it quite difficult, you can add a little olive oil and mix.

diet Menu

As you have already noticed, geisha diet is very tough, but it affects its efficiency. For five days, you should only eat rice and drink tea with milk.
Diet geisha: 3 secret ideal figure of Japanese beauties

Your breakfast consists of half a glass of low-fat milk and the same amount of strong green tea. You can mix these components together and can drink alone.

For lunch, prepare some rice and drink a glass of warm milk. The exact amount of rice is not indicated because you ought to choose a suitable portion. Rice is very rich, so as soon as you feel satiated, set aside a plate. For dinner, eat the same as what they ate for lunch.

How to cook brown rice

Geisha diet is very monotonous, so if you alternate the types of rice, it will be easier to keep it. You all know how to cook white rice. Faced with brown rice for the first time, women are wondering how it is cooking properly.

Before cooking brown rice should be soaked for an hour. Calculate the time so as to allow for this. Soak half a cup of dry brown rice, in the end, you will gain the half finished cup. When the hour passed, the water should be drained, pour rice water again and drain again. If you take half a cup of rice, you need to cook it in 300 milliliters of water. Cook brown rice should be half an hour on a very low heat. Please note that if you soak the rice for an hour, and overnight, then cooked it in just 10 minutes. If you see that the rice is ready, cover it with a lid and let stand for half an hour so.
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