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» » Brazilian diet: a simple way to lose weight at 10 kg

Brazilian diet: a simple way to lose weight at 10 kg

Features of diet in Brazilian

Brazilian diet is considered one of the most popular methods for two-week weight loss. There are several variations of the diet: a seven-day, two-week and four-week. During the first week, you can lose about five kilos, each following week - 3-4 kg. This is not the most severe power system, but some restrictions are still there. One of the most important principles of diet - is the use of large amounts of water. Diet refers to a protein, carbohydrate, and therefore the amount of alcohol is severely limited. The technique has severe limitations, so, like any other diet, is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Highlights diet:

-Exclusion from the diet, herbs, spices and alcohol (food and drinks, stimulating the appetite).

-Eating frequent and fractional amount of each portion of not more than 200 grams.

-The last meal should be no later than 19.00.

-The program promotes fast weight loss without losing muscle tone.

-You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables without restriction. Preference is given to products containing cellulose.

-Complete rejection of fatty and fried foods, starchy foods. Such limitation in the best way will be reflected in state of health and skin condition.

-Proper cutting calories and serving sizes reduces the stomach without harm to health.

-All the products needed are available and do not require large expenditures for a dietetic menu.

Prohibited and permitted products

On the diet you need to completely give up chocolate, bakery products, fatty fish and meat, spices, spices, sweets, fried foods and alcohol. It is strictly forbidden to eat smoked and spicy food.
Brazilian diet: a simple way to lose weight at 10 kg

Allowed is: poultry, lean fish, fruits, vegetables, soy sauce, nuts, dried fruits, sour-milk products.

Meals can be stewed, steamed, baked or boiled. Although the Brazilian diet and is rich in gastronomic restrictions, it does not cause hunger, as it excludes the use of products that excite the appetite. Frequent meals fills the body with necessary nutrients, simultaneously purifying it.

Diet menu for the week

First day menu

Breakfast: a glass of apple juice, one egg, boiled soft-boiled or hard-boiled banana. Second breakfast: an apple, a cup of coffee with milk without sugar (you can use a sweetener). Lunch: fish stew with vegetables (200 gr.), A glass of compote of dried fruits. Afternoon snack: yogurt, apple. Dinner: Chicken in milk sauce baked with vegetables.

Menu second day

Breakfast: a glass of orange juice, fruit salad (200 gr.). Lunch: 50 gr. hard cheese, coffee without sugar. Lunch: soup, vegetables and mushrooms (200 gr.). Afternoon snack: an apple. Dinner: two boiled potatoes, vegetable salad.

Third Day Breakfast Menu: steam (or baked) omelet of three proteins, apple juice. Second breakfast: an apple juice. Lunch: boiled fish (100 gr.), Mashed potatoes (100 gr.). Snack: a glass of kefir. Dinner: vegetable soup, boiled chicken fillet (100 gr.), Compote of dried fruits.

fourth day menu

Breakfast: juice, boiled egg. Second breakfast: coffee, 50 oz. hard cheese. Lunch: salad of boiled chicken, peas and boiled egg. Afternoon snack: juice, banana. Dinner: vegetable soup, fish stew.

fifth day menu:

Breakfast: omelet of three proteins, apple juice. Second breakfast: coffee with milk (no sugar), banana. Lunch: Cottage cheese casserole (instead of semolina flour used) 200g, grape juice.. Snack: a glass of milk. Dinner: baked chicken with vegetables.

sixth day menu:

Breakfast: Steam cheesecakes (200 gr.), Apple juice. Lunch: fruit salad (200 gr.). Lunch: boiled fish and vegetable soup. Afternoon snack: yogurt. Dinner: baked omelet of three proteins.

Seventh-Day Menu

Breakfast: orange juice, 50 oz. hard cheese. Second breakfast: yogurt. Dinner: mashed potatoes, a salad of boiled beets. Afternoon snack: fruit salad (200 gr.). Dinner: salad of boiled chicken and pineapple (200 g.).

What results can be achieved on the Brazilian diet?

For a week the Brazilian diet to help cope with the 4-5 extra pounds. Every next week will leave for 3-4 kilograms. In three weeks, you can easily say goodbye to 10 pounds. Due to the use of large amounts of protein foods, the weight goes not at the expense of muscle mass, and at the expense of body fat. Eating vegetables, fruits and dairy products stimulates peristalsis. A diet rich in all the necessary substances, so the skin and hair remains in excellent condition.
Brazilian diet: a simple way to lose weight at 10 kg

Despite the restriction on the weight portions of the Brazilian diet diet is very diverse. On the breakfast instead of coffee or tea is better to drink the juice, so you can speed up the metabolism. The diet includes eggs, fish, lean meat and cottage cheese - protein foods perfectly nourishes the body, without delay pleats at the waist. The menu can be supplemented or modified, but the basic principles should remain unchanged. Every day you need to eat meat or fish, drink juice for breakfast, be sure to eat fruits and vegetables, eat dairy products. The volume of one portion should not exceed 200 grams., Thereby shrinks the stomach and satiety comes much faster.
Benefits of the Brazilian Power System
Quick results without harm to health - for three weeks without much effort, you can lose up to 10 pounds.

Due to the use of protein foods, the weight did not go from muscle, but from fat.

Frequent meals in small portions dulls the sense of hunger and decreases the stomach. A few days later the saturation comes quickly, I want to have a lot less.

Varied menu.

Security. Nutritionists argue that the need to eat fractional portions five to six times a day. This is the basic principle of the Brazilian diet.

This power supply system is popular among many Latin American actresses and models. These figures look smart and seductive. Special love for the Brazilian diet nourishes the famous model Adriana Lima.

Variation of the Brazilian diet of Adriana Lima
One of the most beautiful women in the world, the angel of Victoria's Secret, Adriana Lima of all diets prefers Brazilian. The girl's body looks just amazing. This is the result of constant work on oneself. During his career as a model Adriana Lima has tried many diets. But stop for food fractional portions. The secret harmony angel Victoria's Secret - frequent meals in small portions. Sometimes she allows herself sweets. The main rule: do not eat after six and never go to bed with a full stomach. The breakfast should be nutritious and dinner very easy. The famous model allows himself to have everything except pasta, fast food, pastries, fatty and fried foods.
Brazilian diet: a simple way to lose weight at 10 kg

Menu of Adriana Lima

Breakfast: cereal with raisins, dried apricots and honey, scrambled eggs from two proteins, coffee without sugar. Lunch: boiled chicken with vegetables. Afternoon snack: fruit salad, a slice of black chocolate. Dinner: vegetable salad.

His divine body Lima is obliged not only to the power supply system. The girl is engaged in boxing and running in the morning. Each morning starts with a model of a half-hour jog. Several times a week she is engaged in boxing. Recover shape after childbirth Adriana Lima helped jumping rope.

Council on the model: to always remain beautiful, sleep at least eight hours a night, drink more water and totally abstain from smoking and alcohol. Every morning, eat a teaspoon of honey, it will strengthen the immune system and energize the whole day.
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