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Honey diet

Honey diet eyes nutritionists

Honey diet - one of the few recognized nutritionist. In their view, such a diet is not only balanced, but also brings benefits to the body, reducing blood glucose levels and providing necessary nutrients the brain.

Before proceeding with any weight loss program, you should consult with an expert in this field. Even if it seems that the diet is not hard, without the help of a doctor, "sit down" can not be on it. Under the same rule falls and honey. In this case, you need to take into consideration the tendency to allergy to bee products. Prohibited observe this diet for those who have kidney disease, in particular, the presence of stones.

Despite the fact that honey is not a dietary product, according to doctors who use it for weight loss may be due to the fact that he was deprived of the so-called "empty" calories, which contribute to a set of extra kilos. Moreover, honey contains folic acid, amino acids, fructose, sucrose, vitamin B, E, C, and K, glucose, minerals and some of the natural hormones.

However, these nutrients only in quality honey. Industrial typically subjected to heat treatment, which "kills" most of the components needed by the body. Of all the types of honey, nutritionists advise to buy the one that is called "grasses" in the nation.

Honey weight loss diet prohibits the consumption of foods that contain large amounts of starch. It is impossible at this time to eat fatty, fried, salty and spicy food, sweets and pastries. The duration of this weight-loss program may vary from two to fourteen days. According to nutritionists, the best period of the diet - seven days.

According to doctors diet principle honey is that honey affects the pancreas, reducing the activity of lipase which accumulates fat cells to the body. Not less active lipase "collects" fat, and accordingly, it is not delayed, and does not spoil the figure.
Honey diet

Varieties of honey diet

One option involves the preparation of a diet of honey-based drink with warm water and honey, which is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. According to doctors, this method of weight loss does not bear harm, on the contrary, the body gets the nutrients, metabolic processes are accelerated. Especially during this diet from the diet is necessary to eliminate the potentially harmful products.

Honey diet for 6 days includes the reception of honey throughout the day. Doctors do not prohibit the use of this method of losing weight, if not allergic. Additionally, in those days they recommend eating dairy and dairy products with low fat content. Always in the weight loss program should be included in the honey dish of boiled vegetables, with select those that contain small amounts or do not contain starch. These vegetables include tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage. Nutritionists believe the correct use of citrus, which promote active breakdown of fat and suppress hunger, as well as sour natural juices, containing no sugar.

Most experts in the field of weight loss adhere to virtually the same views on the preparation of the menu for those who decided to lose weight with the help of bee products, especially if you use honey diet for 6 days. For example, the menu must be turned on a low-calorie cheese, honey, unsweetened green tea and orange (in the morning), yogurt or a glass of fresh fruit juice (lunch), boiled vegetables (for lunch), fruit (lunch), vegetable soup or a cup of yogurt ( for dinner). In this mode, the power system will not be lacking in nutrients. But since he is deprived of foods containing fats, it is necessary to adhere to such a diet is not more than seven days.

Honey diet for lazy has been developed by British nutritionist Michael and Stewart Makins. Other its name "diet-sleep." According to them, only one tablespoon of honey at night promotes the active weight loss even in his sleep due to performance enhancing fat burning hormone. Doctors developers claim that the fourteen days, you can lose up to five kilos. Speed ??up the process of losing weight will help with aerobics or Pilates.

British honey diet for the lazy among nutritionists other countries did not cause any negative comments. At least, they think there is no harm from it, and honey body is useful.

Another type of weight loss program based on honey - lemon-honey diet. It in duration (two days) and the number of kilograms dropped (usually no more than two) can be related to the discharge. Nutritionists do not recommend the use for a long time because of its low calorie. Use can be as a good means for elimination from the body toxins. The advantage of its experts in the field of weight loss at the same time consider the content in the mode of supply of citric acid, which reduces appetite, and honey, which saturates the body with nutrients, thereby preventing the appearance of weakness - a satellite of low-calorie diets.
Honey diet

Also drink made from honey and lemon, you should drink green tea or purified water. Nutritionists recommend these days is not to overwork, to spend more time at home. It is strictly forbidden lemon-honey diet for people suffering from kidney diseases, gastritis with increased secretion. Without consulting a doctor is not necessary to refer to this diet. Also, you can not repeat this diet more than once a month.

If honey diet have helped to lose weight, try diet by using the carbohydrate-free diet.
Honey diet for 2 days, in the menu which includes only the honey and lemon, in some cases supplemented with hot pepper. But nutritionists warn against what it even with a slight excess amount may cause a burn mucous, until the appearance of inflammatory processes. In addition, the honey diet with the inclusion of cayenne pepper on the menu is contraindicated easily excitable people, but also prone to the occurrence of seizures.

Another honey diet for 2 days in a diet implies the presence of honey and eggs. A significant drawback doctors call the use of raw egg yolk. Furthermore, it may be infected with Salmonella, the yolk causes allergic reactions in some people. Such a diet can not adhere to the people who has a history of gallstone disease.

Honey-rice diet, according to nutritionists, not only eliminates the excess water in the body, but even useful for people who have problems with cardiovascular system. The rice contains a lot of potassium, and no salt. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, and other trace elements. Slimming programs based on rice well tolerated.

Experts advise to prefer brown varieties, because it is the raw grain contains the greatest amount of nutrients. Honey-rice diet refers to a low-calorie, so doctors do not recommend to "sit" on it for more than seven days. During this time, you can lose three to five kilograms of weight. Sticking to such a diet may be only once a month.

Nutritionists point out that in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, any weight loss program can be dangerous.

Reviews of honey diet

It is fair to say that honey diet collects positive reviews. So many try to correct body weight with the help of weight loss programs on the basis of honey noticed the appearance of the results of just two or three days. To many it is this diet has helped "move" weight off the ground.
Honey diet

Fast lemon-honey diet, according to use, provides a good cleaning effect. But all pay attention to the delicate one disadvantage: Because this diet takes a lot of excess water, and with it the toxins and toxins, then going to the toilet becomes very frequent. These days it is best to stay at home and do not plan for long-distance trips, or trips.

All the sweet, due to the large amount of fast carbohydrates slows the metabolic processes, and thus you can try honey metabolic diet.
Some nursing mothers used honey diet reviews are left exclusively in favor of this weight loss program. But doctors are not recommended during lactation generally reduce weight through diet and experiment with the consumption of potentially allergenic foods.

Additional recommendations of nutritionists

Doctors recommend that those who adhere to a diet of honey, to observe between meals regular intervals. Dinner in this case must be at least four hours before bedtime.

Honey diet for weight loss will give the greatest effect in combination with massage and body wrap. With their help the body remove excess moisture, reduced congestion. The main component of the procedures, of course, honey.

It is also useful in the days of dieting, and regular drinking ginger tea with honey and take honey baths. Tea stimulates digestion, increases blood circulation and metabolism. This allows the body to get as much of necessary substances and prevents fat accumulation. The same properties has a bath with honey.

Nutritionists consider honey diet is effective. One week slimming may lose from three to ten kilograms, depending on the initial body weight, caloric intake and physical activity levels. Active training required during dieting. At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to comply with honey diet longer than a specified period of time. Otherwise, you can get a completely opposite result, since the metabolic processes slow down.

Out of the honey diet should gradually. The first menu "posledietnogo" the day is best to include vegetables, salads, lean meats, boiled or steamed fish and vegetable broths.

Later on weight loss experts advise to stick to a balanced diet, to minimize the consumption of unhealthy foods. Honey in the daily diet, on the contrary, can be saved by taking at least one teaspoon a day.
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