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Metabolic diet

Dietitians of metabolic diet

Some hormones, including insulin, contribute to the accumulation of fat cells, adrenaline, alternatively, inhibits lipid deposits. If you manage these processes, you can successfully restore the metabolism, stabilize the weight and even improve skin condition. This weight loss program is based on the correct distribution of food throughout the day and the exclusion from the diet of junk food.

Nutritionists argue that the metabolic diet can cause exhaustion and does not require counting calories exhausting. According to doctors, the most important thing in this mode, the power - to distinguish between the consumption of protein, carbohydrate and vitamin and food, bearing in mind that the protein stimulates the production of the hormone that burns fat at night.

If the diet is chosen metabolic diet menu need to be taking into account point scale. Experts on weight loss is considered the main advantage of its diversity, food balance and the account of the season. The products are separated into five groups and are used in one and the same time.

Considered weight loss program is designed for three phases lasting from seven to fifteen days. During this period there is a gradual change in metabolic processes. According to nutritionists, this three-phase allows the body to adapt to the new conditions of diet and eliminate fatigue, nausea and dizziness.
Metabolic diet

Those interested in metabolic diet menu at the first stage you need to be predominantly of lean meat, fish, fresh vegetables, olive oil. Doctors also recommend to take a multivitamin during this period. On the second - gradually introduced into the diet of black bread, nuts, cheese, dairy products. Proponents of this type of weight loss claim that the second phase - the time of weight loss. Doctors pay special attention to this point, as the man himself regulates its duration and it is important to stop in time to body weight loss was not critical. Therefore, before beginning dieting need to know exactly what is available and how much weight kilograms must be "reset." The last phase is to maintain weight and gradual exit from the diet. The diet should prevail protein foods and fiber. Nutritionists recommend to stick to the third phase of the diet throughout life. Then it is possible to ensure a stable weight. For best results, say doctors, you can achieve if you do fitness.

If selected metabolic diet menu for the week is better to make in advance, in order to be able to purchase all the necessary products and to distribute them on the correct days. To a diet aimed at weight loss, it has been fruitful, nutritionists recommend a diet high in fat and carbohydrates taken in the morning, and protein - in the afternoon. As a method for the preparation of select braising, baking or decoction. Metabolic Diet Menu for the week offers a quite varied, so that the feeling of hunger especially will not bother. Those who liked the diet, the menu is better to make in conjunction with a specialist in nutrition. Pre-worth to be examined and to inform the physician about the intention to "go on a diet."

However, the creators of the diet claim that there are no contraindications, because this weight loss program is based on the principles of a balanced diet and has no strict limits. The only caveat - do not experiment with a diet because a diet aimed at hormonal changes and any violation could cause irreparable harm to the body.
Metabolic diet

Reviews of metabolic diet

Reviews of metabolic diet is good, despite the fact that appeared relatively recently. "Users" marked improvement in metabolism, normalize the work of hormones, stable weight loss. This slimming noted the ease of this method of struggle against excess pounds because they do not need to constantly count calories.

Have earned positive feedback metabolic diet also because it does not give a laxative effect and does not cause constipation, promotes the correct operation of the digestive system, improves skin condition. In addition, adhere to this diet program is fairly easy, because the body does not experience stress and diet alone are not "hungry".

People suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, are not allowed to use a metabolic diet after consultation with the attending physician.

The only drawback is called a long process of losing weight. Weight goes steadily, but gradually. Fans express metabolic diets are unlikely to enjoy.

Difficulties can cause compilation of menus, as it is necessary to adhere to the scheme and prepare only those products that are allowed on each stage. Therefore, those who have on the agenda this diet, recipes, cooking is not known, "experienced" dieters are advised to ask for help to the all-knowing Internet.

Diet and metabolic syndrome

Violation of metabolic processes in the body, which is expressed in overweight, deteriorating condition of the skin, shortness of breath and other more serious malfunction of organs and systems, doctors call metabolic syndrome.

Particularly dangerous visceral fat which coats the internal organs, which leads to an increase of the torso only from the inside. May encounter problems with blood pressure, blood sugar levels and the number of "correct" cholesterol.

If diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, the diet is required, along with a feasible exercise and avoiding harmful habits.

Power mode feature in this disease is that it should not be temporary, and respected throughout life. The basic rule of this method, the power states - as few calories as possible.

Nutritionists recommend to make a menu of low-fat and healthy products, their correct combination will not feel hunger. The more active way of life, the more high-calorie food they can afford. But doctors say that for every kilogram of body weight should not account for more than thirty calories.
Metabolic diet

by nutrition experts categorically forbidden to use for people with metabolic syndrome, animals, confectionery fats, milk, cheese and meat with a high percentage of fat. Meat, fish, vegetable oils can eat, but small portions and not more than once in two days.

Doctors do not recommend completely abandon the carbohydrates. Just need to get them from cereals, durum pasta, herbs and vegetables. If you have heart problems, the menu can vary legumes, nuts and dried fruits - foods high in magnesium.

When you need to cope with a diagnosis of "metabolic syndrome", the diet should be based on the principle of fractional power - and often a little bit. The day should be about six approaches. Nutritionists insist on the fact that during a meal can not take the time necessary to chew slowly so that nutrients from food is completely saturated with blood.

Always during dieting should drink as much fluid as possible - the usual clean water you need to drink at least one and a half liters a day. by nutrition experts say that due to this accelerated metabolism by thirty percent. You must take control of the amount of consumption of salt, sugar and caffeine.

Along with diet, doctors recommend twice-weekly weight training every day - light physical activity, the easiest of which - brisk walking. Ideally, you want to eliminate stressful situations, nervous tension.

Create menu, specify the type and duration of the diet for people suffering from metabolic syndrome, it should be with the doctor. Very often nutritionists refer patients to an endocrinologist, because thyroid disease affect the metabolism and "loose" weight loss. In addition, doctors are paying particular attention to the fact that when correctly selected treatment, compliance with diet and active lifestyle, metabolism can be maintained in a normal rhythm. But only after a medical consultation should be ready to implement a particular weight loss program.
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