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The diet after bowel surgery

The diet after bowel surgery and the basic rules:

immediately after the first day of the operation, you need to give up a meal;

within two to three weeks after surgery diet should be very strong;

You have to forget about the fat, fried, spicy food, of different smoked;

all the products you need to cook steamed, stewed, boiled can still bake in the oven;

all the food you need to grind very well, can not eat roughage;

You should eat small meals several times a day, that is, food must be fractional;

You should definitely avoid eating foods that can cause bloating. For example, nuts, mushrooms, tomatoes, citrus fruits and other;

You should forget the variety of sweets (cookies, chocolates, candies, cookies, pies and more), of course you can not drink alcohol and gas, still can not eat sour varieties of fruits and berries;

it is important that you have breakfast at the same time and all ate for hours, it helps to normalize bowel function;

stimulation of intestinal beneficial coffee, but you can drink only if the permit physician;

very good if you add dairy products to your diet

Diet intestinal adhesions after surgery

It is important that in the first days after surgery, you drink plenty of fluids. These include various supiki, mashed vegetables, juices, herbal teas, sparse clover. Vegetables are particularly useful because they contain very useful to the body tissue.

Only in the event that your condition has improved, you can proceed to the next type of diet.

Of course, you need to eat the right food harmless. To restore the needed nutritional diet consisting of various dishes and. Further, you can not only eat liquid food, but also add meals in the form of mash and puree. But solid food is, yet it is impossible in any case. For example, baked goods, meats. It is useful to add dairy products.

With further improvement, you re a little change your diet. Somewhere in a week after the operation, you can add croutons. If all goes well, then you start to add protein products, meat souffle. Very useful fruits and vegetables, dairy products. For normal diet, you will be able to return except that somewhere in a month. But it is important to remember that prohibited sharp, salty, spicy foods, alcohol.
The diet after bowel surgery

Diet after surgery colon cancer

Naturally, after such an operation complete and correct nutrition will help to significantly improve the patient's health. But special diets specifically against cancer does not exist. Choose and make the diet will help the attending physician. In any case, you need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods and very little meat (properly treated).

After intestinal surgery nutrient absorption worsens, because you need to choose the easy, good quality food. The food you should chew slowly, slowly. Do not forget, for gastro-intestinal tract again began to work properly, it is necessary to adhere to a fractional power. That is, you need to eat about 5-6 times a day in small portions. Depending on what products to carry and should make their choice. Useful products contain a lot of antioxidants and micronutrients. For example, you can eat porridge, seafood, vegetables (tomatoes, all types of cabbage, bell peppers, etc.), all kinds of nuts, vegetable oil. Prohibited very fatty foods.

It is very important to follow the chair and prevent the emergence of constipation. Therefore, pay attention to the amount of fluids you drink, for products with fiber. Avoid pasta and rice in their diets. All dishes must be freshly prepared.

But the use of traditional medicine recipes very carefully. Because you can hurt yourself and do not help. There will only expert advice, recommendations of the treating physician.

postoperative ileus diet

When a disease like bowel obstruction is often used in the treatment of surgical intervention. After the operation of such a plan difficult recovery period and diet plays a major role here.

The first time (about 12 hours), you will not be not what to eat, and even drink. And you just do not eat through the gastrointestinal tract. Because the nutrients enter the body intravenously or through a tube. Then, after five days the main menu are liquid nutrient mixture. After some time, the attending doctor prescribes zero diet.

This special diet is very beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract. All products should be very easy to digest, salt you should eat in limited amounts or not at all excluded from the diet. There should be small portions several times a day, that is, follow the split meals. It is also important to keep drinking mode, at least 2 liters per day. All food should be mashed or jelly-like room temperature, eating cold and hot form is not recommended.

The basis of the diet diet after bowel surgery:

broths variety in the mucous state, you can still add the cream;

berry and fruit teas, jellies;

Low-fat meat broth.

The diet after bowel surgery

Then slowly you can go on a diet №4. This diet will help get rid of putrefaction and fermentation in the gut. Absolutely all the dishes, you need to boil, steam thoroughly and wipe.

Acceptable products and dishes:

You can eat crackers of white bread;

cereal, you should be prepared only on the water or low-fat broth, do not forget, cereals must be wiped;

Choose only lean meat, poultry meat can be, and make mincemeat out of him;

soups can fish and meat, but they should be low-fat, meat only in a shabby;

fish, too, choose low-fat varieties, you can prepare the stuffing;

Eggs can only eat boiled soft-boiled or scrambled eggs for a couple;

butter you can eat very little in quantity;

cottage cheese should be low-fat, definitely rubbed;

It allowed the use of fruits and berries, but again, do not forget pereterat them;

vegetable broths;

green and black tea, black coffee, broths of wild rose, currants, juice is better to use in diluted form.

When is the recovery stage, you can move on to a diet №4V. In this diet, you can afford a more varied menu. Only it is important to remember all the dishes should be boiled or steamed. In the future, depending on your medical condition, you can expand your menu. Only it is important to remember is oily, spicy, fried foods and different meats excluded.
Thus, any post-operative period will be faster and easier if you strictly observe a special diet and is attentive to the diet.
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