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Products pressure reduction

Products pressure reduction

Symptoms of hypertension

• Throbbing pain in the parietal and temporal region of the skull.

• Flickering black spots before his eyes.

• Pain in the chest close to the pressure lowering products serdtsu.Naturalnye

• Cardiopalmus.

• Dizziness and occurs on the background of nausea or vomiting.

• Noise in ears.

If you like to have been more than once, then it's time to hurry up an appointment with a therapist.

In addition to such overt signs of blood pressure rise even earlier you can observe fatigue, drowsiness, blood to the head, numbness in fingers or extremities, sleep disturbances, anxiety.

Why blood pressure rises

Hypertension can be divided into primary and secondary.
In the first case it is a distinct disease, the main causes of which are:

• Natural decrease elasticity of blood vessels of the circulatory system;

• excess salt and animal fats in the human diet (leading to water retention in tissues and vessels clog reduce their permeability);

• alcohol and smoking (negatively affect the performance elasticity of blood vessels);

• pregnancy (in women accelerates metabolism, hormonal changes, increased intra-abdominal pressure, the amount of fluid and blood);

• exposure to stresses that can span periods of melancholy or depression, inability to relax and calm to solve problems;

• lack of quality of physical activity and low activity lifestyle;

• hereditary factor;

• Some drugs, including oral contraceptives, if they are properly matched;

• meteosensitivity - a reaction to the changing weather conditions;

• mineral starvation (lack of significant cardiovascular system elements - potassium and magnesium).

Secondary hypertension is the result of latent or already diagnosed other diseases. To minimize the symptoms of secondary hypertension, you must first solve the problem of the primary pathology.

The most common cause pressurization are kidney disease, thyroid, liver and blood.

Products that lower blood pressure

If there is suspicion of hypertension, or you already know about the disease that (seek medical advice and have a very specific purpose of pharmaceutical preparations), then you need to urgently change their way of life.

Try to adjust your menu - Minimize consumption of salt and animal fats, eliminate alcohol and tobacco.

Consult with your doctor and add the allowed physical activity. Perhaps, hypertension, surrender, and you forget about the tablets, begin to live without the fear of waiting for the next attack.

There are alternative methods of maintaining and stabilizing the blood pressure level. These include the use of products

and herbs, which should be in the diet of people with hypertension or suspected of having it.

Products pressure reduction

1.Hot pepper (chili, cayenne, etc.) - is considered the most effective means to rapidly reduce blood pressure. Spice actively expands blood vessels, reduces the load on their wall, due to which normal pressure.

Recipe: 2 tsp.. pepper mix with a glass of tea with unheated honey. However, this drink is not everyone will be able to swallow - too sharply. It is better to use the pharmacy encapsulated pepper. Precautions to take pochek.Ponizhayuschie pressure of people with diseases of the products

2. Turmeric - another spice that its powerful anti-inflammatory effect improves the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood flow rate.

Mixing turmeric with piperine (a component of pepper), it is possible to increase the relaxation effect on the blood vessels and improving blood supply to achieve all tissues.

3. Coconut milk contains large amounts of electrolytes, potassium and other minerals needed for normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels. The effect is noticeable after a few months of regular admission.

Products pressure reduction

4. Garlic not only helps to combat viruses, it is an excellent means to reduce bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

To the peculiar smell of garlic not disrupt your normal course of life, you can use garlic capsules pharmacy - they are absorbed only in the stomach.

5. Cocoa, but raw grain. They have a lot of flavonoids and minerals. Grains have anti-inflammatory effect, help overcome stress states - one of the causes of increased pressure. Flavonoids protect the body from the stroke.

6. Raw almond, which, unfortunately, very difficult to buy - almost all of the core if not fried, then steamed. Recommended imported Spanish almonds.

Products pressure reduction

Nuts are soaked in water and some time later removed the peel - it prevents absorbed minerals.

Peeled raw almonds is a fount of monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol and reduce inflammation of the arteries, thereby helping to normalize blood pressure.

You can also use walnuts, but they are high in calories.

7. Less effective, but also recommended: skim milk, raw sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, soybeans, bananas, black chokeberry.

Proper use of these proven products help overcome high blood pressure and hypertension. Be healthy.
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