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» » How to solve the problem of weight gain: the right diet and exercise

How to solve the problem of weight gain: the right diet and exercise

reasons for thinness

There are two main reasons that explain the appearance of excessive thinness. The first reason can be called scoliosis, or, in other words, curvature of the spine. It is worth noting that today "boast" such a disease can practically everyone, but all of it is at a different stage. At the same time, not all who have twisted spine, thin. For severe thinness causes scoliosis, which develops in some parts of the spine, responsible for the work of the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, if a girl is genetically predisposed to leanness, then the probability of severe weight loss in scoliosis increases in her times.

How to gain weight in this case? First of all it is necessary to treat the very curvature, what an excellent job experts in yoga and osteopathy. You can also consult a surgeon who will write you a referral to a special exercise therapy for the spine. The sooner you see your doctor, decide the problem faster. Self-medication - not an option in this situation.

The second reason is the strong thinness - problems with the stomach or intestines. If digestion is disturbed, then the food is digested very slowly. In addition, it lost appetite and appears sickly pallor and thinness. Many, seeing the thin girl who appetite cake absorbs sincerely envy her, even knowing that in reality it does not benefit from its natural and disease associated with excess cortisol - a special hormone responsible for the breakdown of tissues. People with this problem eat a lot, but do not add weight, because everything burns cortisol.

How to solve the problem of weight gain: the right diet and exercise

bug fixes

All people who want to gain weight at home without professional help, make the same mistakes. The first of these - the transition to power much high-calorie, fatty foods or sweets. In particular, this applies to those who are in real life had no need for such a power, and used only low-calorie food. As a result, the mass of the set will depend not on how much you eat, and how much time to learn your body. For this reason, it is not necessary to resort to drastic changes in the diet - a way to "eat better" does not help here. As well as it will not help and a late dinner.

Note that in the case of eating the food to digest bad. When the stomach is full of all the nutrients absorbed by the body is very weak, so it will be difficult to gain weight. The main rule: eat in moderation, do not wait for the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Remember that if your food has too much margarine or butter, then the only thing you will achieve - is high cholesterol and as a result - the problem with blood vessels and heart.

Another wrong strategy - a lot of sweets. Of course, sometimes one can pamper yourself candy or cookies, but eat only sweets - is a direct path to increased levels of sugar and failures in metabolic processes. So how to eat to gain weight?

Build muscle mass

To weight has gathered well by muscle mass, you need to know that half of the success will depend not so much on food as a way of life in general and in particular on training. Often women do not take into account the most elementary rule of muscle building: heavy training and the use of food by 20% more than burned.

Anyone who seeks to build up the muscles and thereby to recover, you need to know and what any heavy training - is primarily exercises with weights. You must perform ten to twelve repetitions, no more, so try to trim the right weight for you. If you will be using light weights, the muscles will not grow. And here is the right way to approach such a muscle build the fastest and most effective.

It is easy to recover the house and due to diet, but it has to be thought out to the smallest detail. Its effect is to create a "building material", which will restore the muscle fibers, as well as carbohydrate fuel, without which the process is impossible. Therefore it is important to observe this rule: both proteins and carbohydrates in the diet should be present during each meal.

How to calculate the required calorie to gain muscle mass? Of course, all individual calculations. For daily energy (including the need to take into account and exercise), add 20-30% - as a result you will get the necessary caloric content of your food. Moreover, about 40% of calories should be provided with these proteins, of 50% - carbohydrates, and only 10% - fat sources. Of course, eating this way, you need to forget about the cream, butter or lard.

Now consider an example menu for the girls who are worried about how to gain weight and muscle mass at home. For breakfast you can eat a little buckwheat (200 grams) and 100 grams of boiled chicken (breast should be used). At lunch, immediately after exercise, eat an apple and banana, as well as the gainer. For lunch, eat a serving of pasta, add the tomato sauce, and one serving of grilled fish (choose fat varieties) and any fruit.

Menu for the second lunch: banana and a yogurt, an apple and cottage cheese. At lunch you can enjoy smoothies on the basis of fruits and live yogurt and protein shake. For dinner, cook for a couple of beef with steamed vegetables and potatoes. This diet will be effective only when you completely give up all sorts of processed foods and alcoholic beverages.

How to solve the problem of weight gain: the right diet and exercise

How to increase body fat

Another way to gain weight - is to increase body fat. How can this be achieved? Those girls who regularly lose weight, this diet may seem absurd or strange - like, say, in general, you can choose to weight gain? The increase in fat layers is important in the case when a woman has a problem with a hormonal background that could be triggered by severe debilitating diets.

You may not know, but adipose tissue - a measure of the reproductive health of women. If this layer is not sufficient, the possibility of pregnancy tends to zero. Often gynecologists even advised to eat more and move less to intentionally increase the fatty tissue and thus increase their chances of becoming a mother.

What nutritionists recommend eating in the home to get fat? First of all, increase the number of meals. Review your diet, making it more diverse. Add the more fat, but only useful. Increase gradually calorie weekly by adding 5% of calories to a standard diet.

Using this method, it is possible to provide quality of microelements absorption from food substances and, accordingly, can recover faster. You must use the 30% protein, as much fat and 40% carbohydrates, but the percentage of animal fats should take no more than 10% of the total diet. Include meals nuts, cheese, fish, bread and honey.

What should be the menu to increase the percentage of fat tissue and help you get better? For breakfast, drink cocoa with milk and oatmeal cookies (four to five pieces) for lunch, eat some almonds, you can with honey, as well as apple and tea. Tea can drink milk, but only if it can be easily transferred to your body. The dinner is better to stop the choice on soup, cooked in meat broth, as well as porridge with meat or fish. Do not forget about vegetables.

The second meal - cereal plus dried fruit, milk. For dinner, you can safely eat fish and meat, and potato or pasta salads. Just before bedtime, you can pamper your body and any fruit yogurt. Limitations in physical activity is not: Exercise at home, outdoors or in the fitness center, do not forget about the complex care of your body.

Every morning is better to do easy exercises to wake up soon and come in tone, or you can give preference to yoga - choose to your taste. Activities will strengthen muscles, improve appetite, normalizes not only physical, but also mental state - of stress and you forget to think!

How to solve the problem of weight gain: the right diet and exercise

Useful tips for everyone who wants to get better

You should consider some moments, without which it will be very difficult to increase your weight:

Change diet
Maximum fill your diet these products that, on the one hand, the positive impact on health, and on the other - will help to get better. Eat not less than four times a day. At each time interval between meals include a small snack. There are ideal for nuts and dried fruit and cereals, which at home can be done independently, and sweet fruits.

Load up the blade is not necessary - just tight enough to eat. First, eat a meal, the largest in scope. That is, for example, first you eat the second, and only then - the first. Soups are the best cook in the broth (meat), and use the spicy seasoning to awaken the appetite.

Serving size - large
All the girls who want to get fat, have to eat portions that are to be more than they used to so far. Perhaps, at first it may seem difficult, but you get used to over time. Usually people who are poorly gaining weight, eat small portions too - you have to forget about it, to get the shape you want.

Negative factors
Answering the question of how to gain weight, is said about the negative factors that prevent better. Of course, it is bad habits. As alcohol, cigarettes and adversely affect the overall metabolism. It is known that if a person can not lose weight or, conversely, to add weight, it suffers problems with metabolism. If you abuse alcohol metabolism rate will not be able to come for a long time. So you have to choose what is more important: an extra cocktail or attractive shapes.

Down with stress
There is a category of people who are capable of doing all of the problem. They are influenced by stress and which have been known to burn calories entering the body, preventing weight gain. It is no wonder they say that the thinner a person, so it is meaner. Naturally, it is possible to argue, however, it has been repeatedly pointed out that people, torturing himself to death, and then remain in the depressions and nervous breakdowns. You are satisfied with such a prospect? Hardly. Therefore, your goal - to learn how to avoid stress and all sorts of experiences. Once in your life there is a problem, try to solve it, and not just indulge in feelings on the matter.

Fitness Tips
You can gain weight and instant cocktails. How to gain weight this way and how useful this method? First of all, head to the special sports or fitness store, which can be found at every self-respecting fitness center. Now it is small - to buy the right products for you. The taste of these cocktails can be quite different. There are options for both men and women. The peculiarity of this drink - fiber, vitamins and protein in the composition - real complex to solve your problem! Previously you should talk to your trainer who will help you to buy the "right" for the way you drink.

If you think that diet alone is enough, you are mistaken. In order to gain weight properly, you need to make no less effort than others need to lose weight. Note the power load, which will distribute entering the body kilograms uniformly and, accordingly, your figure simulates. Prefer dumbbells and barbells.

Do not forget to warm up before you start heavy loads - the body needs warming up. Ideally, your fitness trainer has to individually choose a plan for you that will lead your figure in order. Weight gain should occur without all sorts of injuries and emerging health problems, and here, too, can not do without the help of a specialist.

The above rules - is the key to get better quite quickly and efficiently, but without damage to health. If you are puzzled by the question of how to gain weight or lose weight, then once again assess the situation and decide whether you really need it or is it just your guess, or a manifestation of self-doubt? The human body needs to be in perfect form: it should not be too fat or too thin, so any diet should be used only when this is really necessary. Carefully treat yourself, and then your appearance will delight you always!
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