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» » Proper nutrition and diet for varicose veins

Proper nutrition and diet for varicose veins


Reduced blood clotting due to its condensation, excess weight and the appearance of edema are very dangerous with varicose veins. Developed by experts Diet for varicose veins is designed to reduce the weight of the patient, lead to normal metabolic processes and balance the condition of the venous system.

If the pathology is already very noticeable, then deal with it only one power supply fail. However, as a preventive measure, it will have a good effect. In general, a diet with varicose veins - this is one of the methods of complex treatment that includes medication and therapy. Also its role is invaluable after surgery in the recovery period.

Proper nutrition for varicose veins is a compilation of the daily diet and eating certain foods. Created several types of diets that beneficially affect the body of the patient, allowing him to fight the disease.

Proper nutrition and diet for varicose veins

What should be the food for varicose

The basis of power with varicose veins should be plant foods, because it is rich in fiber and essential vitamins. These include root crops, fruits, vegetables, berries. For example, black currant, mountain ash, blueberries have a positive effect on blood formation system and cherries and cherry prevent blood clots.

Diet for varicose veins are often complemented by medical starvation. Experts recommend to arrange fasting days twice a week. These methods allow to establish the bowels and normalize metabolism. it also allows you to bring the body of excess fluid and to get rid of swelling.

When running varicose phlebologists recommend eating less salt, but the amount of fluid is advised to increase, bringing up to 2 liters per day. Best of all, if the patient will drink homemade berry juice, natural juices, green tea, broth hips. Do not forget about the mineral water, which will saturate the body with essential substances.

From aching venous pain will help get rid of the rejection of sweets, carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol. Replace sugar with honey is best, of course, if the patient is not allergic to bee products. Scientists have proven that it is in honey contains the maximum number of agents that prevent blood clots and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

People who suffer from varicose veins, be sure to eat fresh onion and garlic, and this should be done continuously, because they thin the blood and prevent the formation of clots. Very useful for different herbs, such as parsley or dill. Thanks to them, the blood becomes liquid and flows smoothly through the veins.

Proper nutrition and diet for varicose veins

Particularly important products that are sure to show with varicose veins are sprouted wheat, peas, olive oil and corn oil, lettuce, buckwheat, cabbage, beans. Very useful nettles. It is recommended not only to use instead of usual tea, but also add in baking as a seasoning.

Meat patients varices is better to replace the fish, squid, crabs, lobsters, octopus, beef liver and lamb kidneys.

The disease is often accompanied with hemorrhoids, so you want to exclude from your diet foods that can cause constipation. To improve digestion in the diet is introduced apricots, prunes, bran, fresh vegetables, wholemeal bread.

Prohibited products include a variety of sweets, rich broth, spicy and smoked food, alcohol.

Options diets for varicose veins

Dr. Bahru from India recommends that patients at the beginning of treatment for a week to sit on a juice diet, and after the move to a balanced diet. Juice diet means eating fresh natural juices from fruits and vegetables, which saturate the body with vitamins. After the allotted time in the diet are allowed to add grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Phlebology is allowed to repeat the system power every month, but its duration is shortened to 2-3 days.

Proper nutrition and diet for varicose veins

People who are accustomed to a rich diet, it will be very difficult to stick to a diet of juice, so another system, the so-called colored diet was designed for them. It includes various vegetables and fruits by color saturation and vitamins. Combine cucumbers and string beans, eggplants and pumpkins, colorful peppers, ripe tomatoes, radish, citrus fruits, yellow apples. Such supply is recommended to adhere to 7 days, then make a 5-day break and repeat another 2 rounds. In the year you can spend 2 full courses.

If the patient has esophageal varices, the diet should be very strict. All the forbidden foods should be eliminated without fail, it is still necessary to limit the use of hard and stale food, refrain from any irritating products, including juices, raw fruits and vegetables. The patient's diet should include vegetables and fruit puree, grain cereals, low-fat cottage cheese and milk, lean meat and fish, jelly, boiled or steamed vegetables and fruit. The duration of the diet in this case are not limited in time, doctors recommend a patient to adhere to such a power over the life, because even the slightest deviation can lead to undesirable consequences.

As demonstrated by the long-term practice, antivarikoznye food if it started in a timely manner to avoid surgery and receiving expensive drugs. It also helps to get rid of hemorrhoids, venous stasis, prevent the development of thrombophlebitis and get rid of excess weight.
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