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Nutritional care for hepatitis E

Remember the cardinal rule in cooking for patients with hepatitis: all the food should be prepared in water or steamed, and it can be baked in the oven.

It is useful to have yesterday's bread made of wheat flour and first grade. You can also eat cookies, crackers, macerating them in tea. But from the use of brown bread should be avoided.

Very good for the digestion of buckwheat porridge, minced rice, semolina. Cook porridge with milk mixed with water. Kashi gently envelop the intestinal wall, making it easy to digest. They contain a lot of useful and micronutrients needed by the body during illness.

Vegetables can be eaten boiled or mashed. It is useful to include in your diet mashed potatoes, steamed zucchini and boiled cauliflower. Useful and mashed beets. If you want to add to the onion dish is prepared, first of all boil it. Salted, marinated, pickled vegetables is strictly prohibited. It not recommended to eat meals of peas, beans and lentils. These legumes are hard to digest, so it does not load the intestine. In no case do not add in writing irritants such as garlic, radish, radishes, sorrel. Tomatoes also leave until better times.

Eggs must be present in the diet. Of them can make an omelette or make a soft-boiled egg. But fried and hard-boiled eggs, should be excluded. It is not recommended, there are fried eggs.

Of course, the dinner is best to eat soup. Allowed vegetarian soups. For example, it may be a soup with pureed vegetables, soup, noodle soup. Also good milk soups mixed with water. Avoid meat, mushrooms and fish broth. Borsch soup and fatty unacceptable.

Fish - an indispensable source of a large number of trace elements and vitamins, so it must be present on your desktop. The fish is the best fish boil or cook for a couple of burgers. As a side dish you can boil the noodles, noodles or pasta. The fish should not be oily. It can be prepared, for example, cod, perch, carp, saffron cod. But canned fish, sturgeon and catfish better on the period of the disease is not.
As a side dish you can boil the noodles, noodles or pasta.

You can eat meat, but certain varieties. It should be low-fat varieties such as beef, veal, rabbit, chicken. Of them can cook or steam baked patties, meatballs, meatballs, dumplings. Beef can be eaten boiled or make stroganoff. At the time the disease refrain from eating fatty meat varieties. You can not eat pork, fatty ham, canned meat, fatty sausages, pork sausages and wieners.

The dairy products also should contain a minimum amount of fat. Buy only as much as possible low-fat cottage cheese or make it at home. When buying milk pay attention to the percentage of fat content specified on the package, it should not exceed 2.5%. You can drink kefir, yogurt, acidophilus milk. If you love the sour cream, then use it as a filling for other dishes. Try to eliminate from their supply cream and sharp cheeses.

It is clear that without the fats in cooking is not enough. Cooking is better to apply the melted butter, olive or corn oil.
Sharp condiments (pepper, mustard, vinegar, horseradish, mayonnaise), meats, mushrooms from the diet should be deleted.

For a variety of food you can prepare your own salad, vinaigrette for example, or to make jellied fish.

Many simply can not imagine life without sweets. Even if you have a sweet tooth and, still try to refrain for the time of illness from chocolates, cakes, pastries and ice cream, as well as cocoa and coffee. Instead, you can have a useful for all diseases of honey, jam, such as currants, candy or marmalade. To make yourself a cup of tea cookies, but dough.

Instead of black tea is better to drink green. Green tea has come to us from Japan and ancient China. In the East, where people are renowned for their longevity, a tea drink 6-7 times a day. Green tea is rich in beneficial trace elements, including selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, E and C. Selenium is an essential trace element necessary for normal functioning of our body.

Selenium is required by the synthesis of proteins contributes to the speedy restoration of liver cells and normalization of liver function. In addition, selenium helps the diseased liver to cope with its responsibilities under cleanse the body of toxins, particularly selenium promotes excretion of salts of heavy metals, including cadmium and arsenic, nicotine. The latter effect is especially important for smokers and residents of polluted industrial cities. Scientists have identified and many positive properties of selenium. It turns out that it helps strengthen the immune system and activation to fight infection occurred. There is evidence that green tea when it is used regularly, is able to cope with the emergence of neoplastic diseases.

Selenium in combination with vitamins A, C and E also has an antioxidant effect, t. E. Prevent premature aging due to the fact that no harmful substances that destroy our cells. But men simply necessary daily intake of selenium in the organism, as it in combination with zinc increases the synthesis of male hormones, which leads to the maintenance of sexual function for adjustment. In addition, green tea helps to raise the vitality of the body, gives strength and fills the body with energy. Importantly, green tea fights atherosclerosis, t. E. Is a preventive for coronary heart disease, heart attack, brain stroke, hypertension.

Of course, your diet should be fruits, because, as you know, they contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements. It has plenty of raisins, prunes and dried apricots. Of them can cook a lot of delicious dishes, such as stewed fruit, mousse, jelly or jam. Fruits should always be ripe and sweet. But unripe and sour fruit until you have is not recommended, as they will irritate the stomach, intestinal wall, thereby destroying the digestive process. Nuts and almonds also have hepatitis is not recommended.

Regime and diet in acute hepatitis

During acute hepatitis better comply with bed rest. In the supine position improves blood flow to internal organs, including the liver, which helps restore normal liver cells.

In acute hepatitis shows a special kind of diet - a diet №5.

The food should be consumed 5-6 times a day, in the form of heat.


Dried bread or bread baking yesterday.

Soups, vegetables, cereals, pasta in the vegetable broth and milk soups.

Dishes from lean beef, poultry, boiled or baked after boiling.
Lean fish (cod, perch, saffron cod, pike, carp, silver hake) boiled or vapor form.

Various types of vegetables and herbs, non-acidic sauerkraut, ripe tomatoes.

Friable semi-viscous cereals, puddings, casseroles, particularly recommended meals of oatmeal, buckwheat.

Eggs - not more than one per day in addition to food, protein omelet.

Fruits and berries in addition to highly acidic, fruit drinks, jelly, lemon (tea).

Sugar, jam, honey.

Milk tea, condensed, dry, low-fat cottage cheese, sour cream in a small amount, not sharp cheese (Dutch, etc.). Especially recommended for cheese and cheese products.

Butter, vegetable oil (50 g per day).

Tea and weak coffee with milk, sour fruit and berry juices, tomato juice, broth hips.


All alcoholic beverages.

Fresh bakery products, pastry products.

Soups on meat, fish, mushroom broth.

Fatty meats, poultry, fish (sturgeon, sturgeon, white sturgeon, catfish).

Mushrooms, spinach, sorrel, radishes, radish, green onion, pickled vegetables.

Canned meats, eggs.

Ice cream, cream products, chocolate.

Legumes, mustard, pepper, horseradish.

Black coffee, cocoa, cold drinks.

Cooking oils, lard.

Cranberry, sour fruits and berries.

Hard-boiled eggs and fried.

In severe vomiting spend parenteral nutrition, ie nutrients are administered intravenously. High-grade high-calorie diet is an important factor in the treatment of these patients.
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