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Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat is rich in fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety and cleanses the body of toxins.

In buckwheat contains essential nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrates and calcium, phosphorus, iodine, vitamins B1 and B2, PP.

- Vitamin B1 (thiamine), normalizes the activity of the nervous and muscular system, affect the function of the digestive system. Because of this vitamin improves the activity and secretory function of the stomach.

- Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is involved in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. With a lack of this vitamin appear conjunctivitis, anemia, tissue regeneration violated.

- Vitamin PP participates in redox processes, enzymatic reactions, regulate the secretory and motor function of the stomach, normalizes the activity of the liver, increases the use of plant protein foods.

Buckwheat diet is useful and that buckwheat is a full replacement for meat in the diet. The most important property of proteins of buckwheat - their good solubility and digestibility. Many in the buckwheat, and iron salts. Citric, malic acid, which she is very rich, are catalysts for digestion.

The downside is the lack of buckwheat diet in your daily diet of sugar and salt. Therefore, to use this method of weight loss should be treated with caution. Unsalted buckwheat displays the body of excess water and toxins. Due to the lack of salt in the body, may occasionally cause headaches, as well as lower blood pressure. As long as we go through the course of weight loss on buckwheat diet, our body and deprived of sugar, and therefore glucose, which needs so much brain to work efficiently. So do not be surprised if during the diet, you will feel that the head was worse to think, and we always want to sweet.
To eat at least a little sweet, are permitted to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in 200 g of water and drink the resulting mixture. As long as you eat a buckwheat, the body, to provide themselves with nutrients, have to burn its own fat. Therefore, the metabolism is accelerated and fat burning is quick and easy.

Menu buckwheat diet

How to cook buckwheat? Buckwheat diet buckwheat diet recommends not cooking, but insisted to keep all useful minerals. Take 200 grams of the washed buckwheat, pour 500 ml of boiling water, wrap in a towel and leave for the night. On the morning of buckwheat is ready for use. If there is excess water, then just pour it. Do not add salt to porridge or any spices. Here's a tasteless mush, and you need to eat all day. Last reception buckwheat must be no later than three to four hours of sleep the night before. You must drink as much as you want, and it can be any liquid, such as herbal tea and non-carbonated mineral water, black or green tea. The amount of fluids you drink should be at least one and a half liters a day.

In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of hot water + a teaspoon of honey + two slices of lemon.
Breakfast. After 30 minutes, the first portion eat cereal, which is allowed to drink tea without sugar or natural vegetable juice (beetroot, pumpkin, tomato) containing no sugar or salt
Lunch - the second portion of porridge
Dinner - the third piece of buckwheat.

Buckwheat diet - a very strict diet, so it is not recommended to stick to it for more than two weeks. If you have decided to once again take advantage of this method of weight loss, then a break between courses should be at least one month. Output from the diet should be gradual, should be gradually introduced into the diet of the foods. You should not eat a lot of sweet, fatty, starchy foods, as all this may lead to a rapid return of the lost weight. It recommended weight loss during the course of taking vitamins.

There are many variants of buckwheat diet buckwheat diet with yogurt - one of them. Kefir - a source of calcium and protein as well as vitamins B12, B2, A. Kefir helps to improve digestion, and so it is recommended in many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Kefir remove waste and toxins from the body, contained in yogurt lactic acid bacteria are struggling with the process of decay in the gut. As a result of this method of weight loss helps to normalize bowel function, as well as clean the skin, reduce the appearance of dermatitis, cleanse the liver.

The main difference between buckwheat diet with yogurt on a buckwheat is eating during the day one liter of 1% kefir. It is necessary to drink for 30 minutes before a meal or after 30 minutes. But if you are very difficult to eat the dry buckwheat, you can drink it with yogurt. Buckwheat diet with yogurt should be combined with multivitamins. The duration of this method of weight reduction is seven days.

Many diets exclude from your diet various cereals, however, the basis of buckwheat diet is cereal. The main advantage of this diet is the possibility of the use of buckwheat in unlimited quantities, so you will not feel hunger.

To diversify buckwheat menu, you can use the following recipe. Insist 200g buckwheat. Clean onion, cut and fry it in vegetable oil until golden brown. Next, mix the onion and cooked porridge - can start your meal.

Results buckwheat diet

After analyzing the responses to most of the slimming diet buckwheat can say with confidence that the results are really noticeable. Weight decreases, but it is reduced at all different.

Many say that because of the satiety of the buckwheat, hunger they almost did not occur. Some were surprised to find that their skin condition improved markedly.

Buckwheat diet - contra

Despite all its advantages, buckwheat diet still has a number of contraindications. Avoid using diet duodenal ulcer and stomach, diabetes, hypertension. It is not necessary to use it, and to pregnant women, as well as women during lactation. Take carefully to their health, because poor diet for two weeks can cause permanent damage to your health.

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