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Useful properties of celery

Useful properties of celeryBenefits of celery for the body
Useful properties of celery There are stemmed celery, leaf and root. Features of botanical structure made it possible to refer to these varieties so. In petiolar celery leaf and the emphasis on the nature of translated juicy and fleshy leaves and stems, while there is a large variety of root tuber, reaching 10 cm in diameter. Leaf celery strengthens the heart muscle, save for rheumatism, gout. From the root of celery salt is obtained, which is a source of organic sodium, therefore, based on the chemical composition of the dishes, which include celery, we can say that the body will have no shortage of salt, if not added.
Celery is useful to establish property digestion, creating a surge of physical and mental strength, reducing the need for long-night's rest. Regularly clean the dietary fiber the body more effectively resist disease, characterized by a remarkable vitality. Eating a day 100g of leaves or stems, can be obtained almost half of the daily requirement for vitamin C, 90% of the daily value of beta-carotene, 80% of the value of vitamin A. Celery is useful to its constituent vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 , B9, and the greenery more vitamins B2 and B9, and roots B3, B6. Moreover, the roots contain vitamin B5. Trace elements are presented in potassium, calcium, and iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, more of them in green.
Green celery is used to treat and restore the nervous system, weakened by overwork, stress and nervous disorders. Useful properties of celery will be very helpful for the elderly, because it normalizes the overall metabolism and water-salt balance in the body, from ancient times it was used as a natural mild diuretic, which positively affects the kidneys, bladder (use urolithiasis) and liver. Preparations of celery are considered healing and pain-relieving, anti-allergic (from diathesis, urticaria). Use celery limitless: the juice out of it purifies the blood and treats a lot of skin diseases.
A very successful combination of salads and vegetable dishes blend of greens with apples, preferably sour carrots. Use celery stored in the stew, boiled and baked form of a dietary cook delicious soups, which may further include a variety of vegetables. Such soups (like celery and fresh herbs) are very effective in combating obesity. Many nutritionists used celery for weight loss. The main structure includes bell peppers, cabbage, onion, tomato juice (optional).
Celery can be added to any salad, and it may be like leaves and stalks of plants. The juice of the green goes well with carrot, beetroot, tomato and other vegetable juices. Useful properties of celery in such mixtures will help to correct the situation for the better with the vitamin deficiency or lack of certain elements, such as iron, calcium, mineral salts, improve metabolism and add strength and energy in fatigue and weakness.
Medicinal properties of celery
preventing infectious diseases;
Celery helps to heal diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
well strengthens the immune system;
It serves as an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis;
It helps to cope with the state of inner anxiety;
positive effect on the nervous system;
It promotes healing from hypertension, kidney disease and urinary tract;
It has a complex impact on the digestive system;
positive effect on the production of gastric juice;
in the intestine prevents the development of putrefactive processes;
It reduces pain and inflammation in gastritis, gastric ulcer;
It facilitates the assimilation of proteins - the usefulness of celery is enhanced by the use of it with meat dishes.
In addition, it has a negative calorie - in the digestion of vegetable plant organism spends more energy than it receives. Therefore, dietary celery can become loyal assistant. It is hard to overestimate the usefulness of celery and children. Especially good to add it to the children's diet in the spring to prevent vitamin deficiencies.
When allergy shredded celery root (1st.l.) pour boiling water (1.5 l.), Wrap up and insist for 4 hours. Take 1 tablespoon need 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. To help the person with the frostbite, do the celery broth (200 g of dried celery in 1 liter of water), to give the maximum to keep it cool, and the affected area, and then lubricate the goose fat (it is necessary to rub every night).
Useful properties of celeryBenefits of celery for men
Useful properties of celery For several centuries celery for men is considered one of the most useful plants. In ancient Greece fighters given food with the addition of celery root to increase strength, the famous heartthrob Giacomo Casanova loved delicious dishes, generously flavored with celery, often the root of this medicinal plant and was part of the love potion, which was prepared by medieval alchemists.
It is no accident, doctors often compared to Viagra, and celery - useful properties for men in both cases appear very bright. A large number of sex hormone androsterone contained in celery, perfectly increases male potency and gives a man invincible force for sexual exploits. Moreover, a positive effect on the potency of any part of the plant - the roots, leaves and stems. Of great importance are the properties of celery for older men, because they help to normalize the pressure surges and contribute to the overall rejuvenation of the body because of antioxidants.
Useful properties of celery for women
What is useful celery for women? First of all because it allows you to stay slim because of the negative calorie plant. Celery normalizes metabolism and water-salt metabolism, improve digestion, expediting the processing of food and not allowing it to turn into fat. It is therefore very useful to use celery in the diet food.
But it is not only important figures celery, useful properties for women are also in the fact that the plant returns the fair sex freshness, youth and beauty. The unique composition of celery helps to relieve tension with the eye, causing sight becomes clean and shining, eliminates stress and fatigue, has a beneficial effect on the skin, nails and hair.
Did you know that celery juice is capable of eliminating the protruding veins in the legs (Spider veins)? This amazing property is because celery strengthens blood vessels and improves the blood, preventing the formation of unattractive "mesh" on women's legs.
Feminine beauty is largely dependent on the quality of sexual life - here and celery plays an important role, because it is a powerful aphrodisiac, helping to restore female libido.
The use of celery juice
Men, women, children need to drink celery juice diluted useful tonic properties. It is diluted with boiled water at the rate of 1 part of juice to 10 parts water, taking a week 1/4 cup hour before meals three times a day. If necessary, after 2-3 day break, repeat the course.
To normalize the sleep fresh juice take 1 SL one hour before meals. In the case of osteoarthritis benefit celery juice, as used by 1ch.l. 3 times a day. As an effective painkiller during days women take 1/3 cup of juice in the morning and evening, one hour before meals. When nephritis, an inflammatory kidney disease, celery juice is taken on 1s.l. 3 times a day for an hour before a meal. Vegetables have long been prepared strengthens virility and health drink, helping to cope with impotence. Medical prescriptions celery: Mix a few freshly prepared juices: 4 pieces of celery, 2 pieces of pear, 1 part apple. Take two hours before sleeping for several days. In the case of BPH fresh celery juice mixed in equal parts with honey, store in the refrigerator. Dermatologic taking 2s.l. 3 times a day for an hour before a meal.
Useful properties of celeryCelery for weight loss
Useful properties of celery Part of the dietary fiber helps to normalize metabolic processes, one of the reasons for the increase in body fat, effectively cleans the stomach and intestines from the food residue, eliminating the processes of decay and self-poisoning, which immediately affect the general well-being.
Celery juice is also useful in the case of obesity, it is taken up in half a glass of the day. It can be combined with other vegetable juices - apple, carrot. For blunting hunger juice can be used with a small amount of honey. While weight loss is to abandon the habit of food to add some salt. With a nice feature to promote the speedy evacuation of fluid from the body, celery is used not only for weight loss but also to normalize high blood pressure.
Regular consumption of celery in a fresh or cooked helps to reduce the effects of nerve overload, stress, cure many diseases. It is a natural source of good mood, which can and should be shared with okruzhayuschimi.Selderey useful properties have a therapeutic effect, it is a remarkable prevention of atherosclerosis, reduces cholesterol levels, normalizes blood pressure, heart muscle, prevents constipation. Recipes with useful properties of celery purify the blood, liver, kidneys, lower blood glucose levels in diabetes.
Due to included sodium celery useful feature to cope with the inflexibility of the joints, often caused by sodium deficiency and an excess of calcium in the body. Sodium deficiency manifests characteristic creaking knees, their lack of flexibility. Curing of joints, tissues indicates the prevalence of calcium. The recipe for the elimination of joint deposits. Wash 1 kg of green celery with tubers, grind in a meat grinder. Also mince 3 washed with lemon peel. Stir well, leave for a week in a dark place. The finished product is overcome, add 0.3 kg of honey. Keep refrigerated. Take 1s.l. one hour before meals. As a rule, the joints become better after two courses of treatment celery.
The structure includes vegetable magnesium. As you know, this trace element has the property to remove and prevent irritability, stress, anxiety. In the case of magnesium deficiency will occur fatigue, night cramps can begin. Intense hair fall out, become brittle nails, often have to treat caries. The increased blood cholesterol, weakened attention, worsening memory. A sufficient intake of magnesium prevents heart and vascular diseases, thyroid, diabetes, stomach ulcer.
Celery Recipe for reducing blood glucose in diabetes
Boil 20g fresh herbs cup boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes in a water bath. Take 2-3 SL 3 times a day for an hour before a meal.
Useful properties of celeryBenefits of celery in the treatment of kidney
Celery seeds useful for dissolving kidney stones. For the treatment of 1s.l. Seed brewed cup of boiling water, tantalized water bath for 30 minutes. Take 3s.l. in the morning and in the evening. Another recipe to cure kidney: 1ch.l. celery seed brewed cup of boiling water, add the boiled peas and honey mixed.

Take 2s.l. one hour before meals three times a day. Before we take up the self-treatment of kidney, should consult a doctor. As a result of improper self-stone of considerable size often ultimate joint, causing while driving a sharp pain. You may need urgent surgery.

Celery fragrance gives any dish a unique shade of taste. Of course, you want to comply with the measure that the vegetables are "interrupt" the other components. Usually, leaf variety in salads, it is used in home canning, meat in recipes. Stem varieties sliced ??into salads, stewed with vegetables, they can be boiled. Fresh roots crumbled in salads, they combine well with meat dishes, added to soups. From the tubers cook burgers. Simple recipe celery - fry slices and add to the peas, tomatoes, put a fish or a bird.

Contraindications celery
The vegetable should not be used in case of gastritis with high acidity, it contains significant amounts of vitamin C, irritate. In addition, dietary fiber increases peristalsis, actively working on the wall of the stomach and intestines.

Do not use celery in food:

for high blood pressure, as it can provoke a crisis;
varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;
the elderly and debilitated patients with acute exacerbation of disease;
at obvious manifestations of kidney disease and gastrointestinal diseases;
because of the content of essential oils can not eat celery enterocolitis and colitis;
cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis require limited use of celery in food;
Drink celery juice and a diet based on celery, undesirable in severe forms of the allergy.
Women use celery in any kind is strictly prohibited during pregnancy (particularly after the sixth month), as well as during breastfeeding, because celery reduces the production of milk and gives it a distinctive taste that the baby might not like. Avoid celery as uterine bleeding or heavy menstrual flow, spinach and parsley in this case is also excluded from the diet.

As you can see, the beneficial properties of celery though and are very diverse, but eating it is necessary to mind, given the characteristics of the organism and the presence of diseases in which the celery can only hurt.
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