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Useful properties of the kiwi and contraindications

Useful properties of the kiwi and contraindicationsWhat vitamins are contained in the kiwi?
Useful properties of kiwifruit Kiwi - real storehouse of nature, it contains plenty of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, fiber. By many indicators Kiwi - record among other fruits and berries.
Vitamin number contained in the kiwi is quite broad. In a lot of the fruit contains vitamin C - about 92 mg per 100 g of fruit, it is more than citrus fruits, currant and bell peppers. Also in the kiwi includes vitamins B2, B3, B9 (folic acid) and B6 (100 g berries contain 4% RDA of this vitamin). Besides kiwi contains vitamins A, E, D, nicotinic acid. Micro and macro elements that make up the kiwi: magnesium (30 mg per 100 g), potassium (300 mg per 100 g), sodium (3 mg per 100 g), calcium (40 mg per 100 g), iron (0.41 mg per 100 g), phosphorus (34 mg per 100 g), zinc and manganese.
Approximately 10% kiwi comprise monosaccharides, disaccharides and cellulose. It is also noteworthy that this berry least calories - only 50 to 100 g of the product, it does kiwi indispensable food for "dietchikov" and people seeking to lose weight.

Useful properties of the kiwi and contraindicationsUseful properties of kiwifruit and its effect on the body
Eating kiwi most favorable effect on the human immune system, it will intensify its work, and enhanced protective properties kiviitelnye vosstanovPoleznye function significantly increases resistance to stress the body.

Kiwis can rightly be considered a drug berry. The substances contained in it have a beneficial effect on heart function, activate cell metabolism, improve digestion, minimize the risk of cancer. Benefits kiwi is palpable at its regular eating. This product is an excellent preventive measure in rheumatic diseases, prevents the development of kidney stones, improves the respiratory system.

Women beneficial properties over like kiwi. In using it in food can prevent graying hair, greatly improve lipid metabolism and burn unwanted fat and get in shape. It is proved that one little thing for dessert kiwi able to prevent the appearance of heaviness in the stomach, will help get rid of heartburn, withdraw excess sodium from the body (this is useful for those who love salty food). Most Kiwis used in the various face masks, then the skin becomes soft, velvety, improving tissue turgor, restores a healthy complexion.

Eating kiwi fruit every day, you can rid your body of harmful cholesterol, strengthen the walls of small blood vessels and capillaries, normalize the blood, reducing the risk of thrombosis, to prevent the development of hypertension.

Useful properties of the kiwi and contraindicationsVitamin - mineral composition and useful properties of kiwifruit
Useful properties of kiwifruit Useful properties of kiwifruit to human health, of course, great. The substances included in it, have a tremendous impact on the human body.
Kiwi is one of the leaders in the number of this vitamin. Eating just one Kiwi medium size, you can make up for the daily rate of the vitamin, thereby strengthening the immune system, increasing resistance to stress and provide substantial support to your body.
In addition, the kiwi is rich in carotene, vitamin B, tannic acid, as well as enzymes, dissolving protein. For more information about carotene or whatever it is called vitamin A, you can read in the article about the benefits of persimmon.
Tannins that make up the kiwi, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, protects the mucous membranes, as well as a positive effect on the digestive tract.
Kiwi is also useful in that it contains vitamin K1, reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition, this vitamin promotes the absorption of calcium, which is also a part of this berry.
For quite a large amount of vitamin E, kiwi berry can be called young. The benefits of this vitamin is enormous. It prevents the formation of blood clots, a positive effect on reproductive system (both on women and on men), protects red blood cells and improves oxygen transport to the tissues. Due to the presence of this vitamin, the use of the properties of the kiwi is significant in terms of rejuvenation.
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