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Diet for conception

Diet for conception

Features of diet to successfully conceiving a child

Proper nutrition for conception implies a complete rejection of products containing chemicals and the transition to natural healthy foods.

This principle, it is desirable to comply with both women and men, as the fertilization process equally depends on the reproductive organs of the future mother and father on the quality of the seed.

Which are used in diet foods that promote fertility:

Products with a high content of vitamin C, as well as fruits, berries, bell peppers, peaches;
Foods high in iron: spinach, lentils, beans, soy, seafood;
Avocados, olive oil, nuts, and olives;
Fatty dairy products;
Soy products;
Oysters and other sources of zinc.

It is believed that with the help of a certain food you can conceive a baby of a particular sex:

Diet to conceive a son mean restrictions on the use of milk, beans, green beans, milk chocolate and cocoa, pancakes, waffles, shrimp, caviar, crab, fresh cabbage and fennel;

When you diet to conceive a daughter can not eat sausages, canned, fried, smoked, cheese, ice cream, margarine, soft drinks, spicy sauces, shrimp and crawfish.

Equally important is the men's diet before conception, as it affects the state of the reproductive system. It falls under the prohibition of liquor, spicy and fatty dishes, as well as desirable to give up smoking.

From the power of the future mother before conception depends not only on the process of fertilization, and pregnancy itself. Of course, any bad habits are unacceptable, and we must try to avoid stress.

Diet for conception

diet rules for conception:

You can not overeat, to reduce caloric intake, use products with artificial additives - precisely because this is very often not a long time it is impossible to conceive a child;

It is recommended to split meals since the body under such conditions is better digested food;

Stick to diet to conceive a child of a particular sex is necessary to both women and men.

Diet for conception

Diet to conceive a boy

In this case, you must use their diet of meat, fish, sausages, bread, cereal grains, fruits and vegetables, beer, dry wine, coffee, canned food, dried fruit, peas, lentils, mushrooms, white beans.

Sample menu:

Breakfast cup of coffee and a sandwich with sausage;
For lunch we eat a handful of dried fruit;
Lunch lentil soup, baked potatoes with mushroom garnish;
At lunch drink fruit juice or eating a banana;
We have supper vegetable salad, boiled beans and a piece of meat.

Diet to conceive a girl

To conceive a girl, you need to eat fish, any meat (limited), eggs, cereals, chocolate, honey, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, fruit (except bananas, plums, apricots, oranges, cherries and blackcurrants) and the unleavened cakes, jam and spices.

Sample menu:

For breakfast, we eat some chocolate, drink tea with jam;
Snacking fruit;
Lunch vegetable soup with a little potato and salad and tea;
Afternoon snack boiled eggs;
We have supper baked fish and vegetable stew.

Diet for men to conceive a boy

The main emphasis here is on lean meats and soups, as well as recommended to slightly increase the consumption of flour products, vegetables and meat.

Approximate menu:

In the morning we eat omelet steam, drink tea, eat a ham sandwich;
For lunch drink fruit juice;
Lunch soup with beef meat, we eat a salad with greens;
Afternoon snack of fruit cocktail;
For dinner, we eat steamed vegetables and meat.

Diet for men to conceive a girl

In this case, it is recommended to eat rice, semolina and oatmeal, as well as melons, pineapples, apples, pears, strawberries, lemons, cucumbers, tomatoes and dairy products.

Sample menu:

For breakfast we eat cottage cheese with slices of strawberry, drink tea with lemon and unleavened bread;
Snacking fruit salad;
Lunch Fish soup without potatoes, eat a salad;
At lunch we eat berries or fruits (permitted);
Pilau dinner without meat, leafy vegetables and tea.

Diet for conception

Diet before conceiving a child: the menu

During the 2 months prior to conception prospective parents need to restrict your diet of fruits and vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, lean fish, meat, dried fruit, legumes, green vegetables, whole wheat bread, fruit and vegetable juices.

Approximate menu:

In the morning we eat scrambled eggs, steamed. We drink tea with a slice of bread;
At lunch consume dried fruit;
Lunch vegetable soup and boiled pasta with sauce unsharp;
At lunch drink the juice;
Supper salad of green vegetables, a piece of fish.

The French diet to conceive a girl

There is another option - a French technique, which implies a total ban on sausage, fried, salty, cheese, potatoes, canned food, melon, avocado, plums, oranges, bananas, dried fruit and salted cabbage.

Sample menu:

We have breakfast, fruit and berry salad and juice;
For lunch we drink green tea with cookies;
Lunch of soup or soup without meat, eat a vegetable salad;
Afternoon snack with tea and jam;
Supper rice porridge or steam omelette.

Diet to conceive twins (twins)

Those who want to conceive two children at once, 3 months before the expected fertilization to start taking folic acid, and in the menu to include meat and dairy products, yams, chocolate, fruit, berries and vegetables, preferably fresh.

Approximate menu:

We have breakfast fat cottage cheese, sour cream diluted. You can add the fruit;
For lunch we eat a vegetable or fruit salad;
Lunch meat soup or soup, baked vegetables;
At lunch drink tea with chocolate;
Supper pilaf, leafy vegetables and tea with jam, or simply sugar.
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