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» » Which foods contain starch. Its benefits and harms, the role of nutrition in

Which foods contain starch. Its benefits and harms, the role of nutrition in

What is the starch and its role in human nutrition
Starch is a complex carbohydrate. For a long time it was believed that the complex carbohydrates are less able to raise the level of glucose in the blood, rather than different types of sugars. However, experience has shown that some types of starch are even higher glycemic index than sugar.

Which foods contain starch. Its benefits and harms, the role of nutrition in

People who are forced to monitor the level of blood sugar should also abandon the products containing starch, as he very quickly broken down and converted into glucose.

Which starch is digested quickly, and how slow?

First of all, let us remember that the starch contained in a given amount of all fruit and vegetables. Just somewhere in it a lot, and in some cases are very few.

But what's really important: Fast digestion of starch depends on the degree of product processing.

All grains and legumes are very rich in these carbohydrates, but grinding, wheat, for example, flour, making of her bread and rolls, we facilitate the absorption of starch. Thus, the bread and pastries are able to raise the level of blood sugar in minutes, even if the recipe is not added to the traditional sugar.

Starch with high glycemic index, the one that is contained in white bread, baked goods. Conversely, whole grain bread contains less "rapid starch", it is more difficult to digest, and even part of it is not absorbed. Such resistant starch is called, and it is able to lower blood glucose levels after hyperglycemia.

Interesting fact! One of the foods that contain starch, but long to digest, this pasta. But not any, and high-quality pasta cooked "al dente" that is not quite up to the end. It turns out, the starch molecules are so tightly packed in the paste that is only half of them are absorbed by the immediately.

Which starch is the most useful?

Nutritionists believe beans and lentils best sources of "right" starch;
In second place the whole grain, such as, for example, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats.
If the glucose level for you is an important indicator, try to exclude from your diet all foods made with white flour.
Also, breakfast cereals, is the source of bad starch.

What are the benefits and harms of starch?

Many say that starch is a very useful substance, as it is nutritious, so it is. Glucose also need the body. However, it should be aware that each spike in the blood glucose level is always load on the cardiovascular system.

It just means that in everything you need to follow the norm. Starch need organism, as it is converted into glucose, which enters the blood cells and feeds them. Unnecessary load on the cardiovascular system happens only when the cells are already oversaturated glucose, and blood sugar level is still high.

It is believed that the resistant starch is very important for the prevention of cancer. It is found in potatoes and fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes.

On the other hand, a significant injury may cause easily assimilated starch. Abuse of white bread, sweet pastries, can lead to very serious diseases, especially cardiovascular system. Not excluded and pancreas problems. Every time when the level of glucose rises sharply, and then it produces more insulin. If such bursts permanent phenomenon, it can not but increase the health risks.

Which foods contain starch. Its benefits and harms, the role of nutrition in

Products containing starch

As you know, the starch is present in all fruits and vegetables. The only difference is that where the starch is negligible, just believed that it is not, because the volumes are so small that it's hard to call it content wise to "has traces of starch."

Plant foods that contain the most starch:

Potatoes sweet potato

Products with a low content of starch:


Non-starchy vegetables:

Leaf salad
Bulgarian pepper
A tomato

Is there starch in apples?

There is. Only the amount of starch depends on the variety and on the ripeness. The apple which is less sweetness, as a rule, more starch than sugar.

Starch is a need carbohydrates, but only when a measure is observed in use, as in everything, however. Starchy foods is a surefire way to get a dose of uncommon energy, it is this starch and valuable. However, I recommend to listen to the opinion of experts, and to limit as far as possible, fast utilizable starch intake to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Eat properly and stay healthy!
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